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if you ever update the game i hope you add "ending" screen that will show how many ending you get, with the name of every ending. It's actually very needed for a lot of your games that have multiple endings, because it's a little hard counting all of them myself. if you start making that kind of screen for your new and old games, you could add the option to rewatch the ending you already finished or you could make an "after" scene showing what happened after every end.

I never considered it that because I kept relying on steam achievements, but you're right since it doesn't show for games uploaded to I'll definitely consider adding an ending screen for future projects with multiple endings ^^

I think this was my favorite game so far. I loved Ulric as the MC because I thought it was refreshing from the usual innocent or very forgiving MC. Would love to see a sequel with them navigating public disapproval of a king x commoner romance

Oh! That's a great idea! I've read about something similar in a history book

Alright. So, I've got each of the four romance endings for each pairing, but I'm curious what the other four endings are (the page above lists eight endings total).

Thing is, I'm not really up for playing through and potentially getting any bad ends right now, so I was hoping someone could tell me what the last four are and if they're all bad ones? Please?

Yes, they are all bad endings for each love interest ^^

Thx <3


This game was excellent. It has a great setting and some really witty dialouge. Honestly, this played like a brilliant medieval drama.


Happy to hear it! ^^


You are spoiling us with all these games. Thank you <3

And thank you for checking them out!


🀑 next drug..i mean game!?

Next month!



would there be a walkthrough? xD. I am horrible cuz it's so hard to pick just one romance in my firs path. 


If you need a walkthrough then I'll make one soon!


Just uploaded a walkthrough! Hope it helps!

I bought this game. I am so exciting to play it! I'm going to buy the others. I just didnt have time. I know I will have a lot of fun playing them. You always make awesome games

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy them!


I so love all your games 

Thank you as always!

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YES. *twitches* i will set Shilo on you. darn,my brother is hot.make this game of thrones.lmao darn,my dad was an ****hole


casually adds royal inbreeding route JKJK LMFAOOOO

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πŸ˜† nooo!! no jokes. Siegfried🀀πŸ₯΅.. bit of a shame ya games are SFW....the things i would do to Siegfried...😳😳😳