What's Next?

First of all, I would like to thank you all for playing my games! Please leave a rating on itch or a review if you bought the games on Steam to support me! It'll help me make more cheap and free games quickly! 

I hope you guys enjoyed Be My Loyal Subject. Anyway, now I would like to tell you about my three upcoming projects!  I am avoiding drama for now. I just want to make fun and cute stories.

The first one is an RPG remake of my first visual novel! The love interests are cursed! Explore the school and help the boys lift their curses!

Next is a slice-of-life BL visual novel about a cafe that serves desserts, drinks, and comfort! It's run by three gentle brothers who just want to treat their customers like family!

Lastly, I'm making a comedy pirate-themed otome. The love interests are all crazy pirates and the MC is sick of them LOL.

I hope you look forward to these three projects!

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sexy pie rats

OMG. I can't wait to see the remake xD.