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I love your ga(y)mes. Got the joke? 🤯




I laughed so damn hard at the dream scene where his older face is on the young body. I can still feel my abs.

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i cant get the last two gallery photos ive tried many options or the other 2 endings   :[


Choose the platonic choices and it'll lead you to the two platonic endings with Ross

I loved it. Gets my feet kicking 💞  A good thing to relax to.


Can't you get a Chinese translation. In order to experience Leng is holding a cell phone sentence by sentence translation. .

Sorry, I don't have any extra funds to afford translation. 


Well, I'm a Chinese player! I think your game is eye-catching, the story line is very attractive, and the ending is very moving. I hope you can launch better works in the future, I will always stand behind you! (My English is poor...) 

thank you! ^^

This was a really cute story! I have a soft spot for childhood friend tropes, so this was definitely an indulgent story for me.


I'm a huge sucker for childhood friend tropes too!!!


My second favorite of your games. 

I love that struggle to try to see your old flame in the new big body he's in. I love that role reversal from when they were kids to now. "You thought I needed protection, but now it's the other way around!" Aries is just adorable, and Ross goes from cute as a button to so sexy you have a heart attack seeing him, lol.


Finally got some free time,and i can say this is a wonderfull game.Thank you ,see ya soon


See ya 🙈!


bro do you like actually do cocaine cuz i feel like u post a new game every fuckin da and im very impressed


Asdfghjkl LMAO High on love I guess XdXD


Just finished getting all the endings! It was so cute and good, I really love this game, and will for sure play some of your other games developer!! :)))


Happy to hear it! Thanks for playing!



Omg >///< I loved it. Ah Its embarrasing it wa so good. Got all of the romance endings UwU. Guess I hit the right spot with the choices (¬‿¬) EEE sorry T-T But I loved it so muccch. Thankyou so much developer <3


Thank you! Happy to hear that you like it!


good , game is very good . thankyou  . the wallpaper for you  


Thank you XD

what an amazing story I always love ur stories thanks so much 

Glad to hear it! Thank you so much for checking this one out as well!

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Ok, that was incredibly adorable. I do understand that nervous reluctance to meet an old friend after so long. So much time passes and sometimes they feel like a completely new and strange person. I got endings 1 & 2, and I'm nervous to try and get 3 & 4 if they are more platonic. And man, I love a playful tease of a man coupled with a shy reluctant guy. xD


Thanks for checking this one out as well! 

I would say Ending 3 and 4 are more about how their relationship is ambiguous and weird XDXD 

Of course. I really enjoy your games. They are always (with a few exceptions) heartwarming and feed my BL addiction. xD Now I'll just excitedly wait for "A Pact With Me". >8D

My my, new release! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Yes! No drama this time XDXD

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Hi again!

So... I got all the endings and 3&4 were not as platonic as I though they would be... Hehe I really liked how they ended tho! It was so sweet!

p.s. feeling kinda nostalgic? might play HJMB again hehe... still my favorite from you...

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm so glad you liked it! It's a relief to know that all the endings are easy to get! X3

(kinda quick but update!) so I'm thinking endings 1&2 are romantic, and 3&4 are platonic? I just chose the other option for the last choice and got ending 1. Since it's you I have faith that the other endings are just as good...


Just finished the first playthrough and got ending 2! It was really cute! That was a lot of teasing that I did not expect but really liked XD. I love how Ross keeps bringing up their past, the absolute madlad XD!!! Also, Aries is totally me in lifestyle; hide in your room, work at home, completely forget to take care of self. Also, child Aries was really forward! Even going so far as to marry Ross! *blush* 

Anyway, another game I absolutely love. Thank you! I'm planning on replaying it rn for another ending hopefully... idk how to get the others tho... we'll see...