Since I only spent a short amount of time on this story, I thought the bois deserved a sequel.

So I initially planned on making them go on a vacation. But to make things more fun, I asked Twitter what they would like and made the summary by mixing and matching the scenarios. Have a look.

And the next day, I decided to write down the outline based on the results. And guess what? There will be a new love interest! XDXD Hell yea XDXD Going on a vacation with Ross only to end up with the hotel receptionist LMAO.

Mr.Hotel Receptionist

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Oh darn, he's cute. But I'm loyal to Ross. Still, would have liked to also see maybe running into Ross's ex and Ross being sweet and loving. xD But also down for protective boyfriend mode, to. xD


LMAO running into his ex would've been hilarious XD Too bad it wasn't picked TwT