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Thanks for the game it's very fun. I hope the little girl is still alive because I want to see her happy :)

possibly. it's up to your imagination!

Good game. I enjoyed the storyline, although there is still mystery about the characters.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Awesome! X3


I had suspected...especially when the woman mentioned a number...but I was hoping I was wrong! Second playthrough was cathartic even when you can't change things. Then third playthrough to get the last CG was...not that lol

awesome that you got all the endings! Thanks for playing!

I feel bad simping for the killer the fck. You did him so hot my guy, also the picture was beautiful damn

Wahahahahahhaha XDXd. Thank you so much! X333

wait are we uh " mom? "

Noope. But that's a fun theory XD

This was amazing i enjoyed it i def didn't expect for my character to be the other monster that was a twist but i loved it ! 

Thank you very much!!! ^^

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I was familiar with Orlon's work, and their ability to write unsettling, oppressively tense scenes. Now in visual novel form, Orlon's writing power, combined with Chani's artwork and the cuteness of Lily, grew immensely strong.

Let me tell you, I was screaming into my husband's ear, covering my eyes, and sometimes I was saying "damn you, Orlon!" whenever things got too much for me LOL.

I really enjoyed playing this game. Thank you Lily for being a ray of sunshine even in the bleakest of scenarios, and I'm definitely looking forward to what the two of you create in the future!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it X3. Orlon's writing is really great!

 I loved it, your game was both simple and enjoyable. I really wanted to cry... I'm kinda dissapointed that we didn't get to know more about Lily's probably abusive family.

Thank you very much for playing! Also, you're feedback is greatly appreciated, that would definitely be more interesting!

This was a pretty interesting game. I like how it was a mixture of a Visual novel and adventure game. 

The warning at the begining said jumpscares but they were not that scary (But that's ok)

Here's a let's play I did 

and the second part 
I found the ending to be incredibly messed up. But what I don't understand is (Warning: Spoiler, stop reading now if you have not played the game) 

Is if I was the monster, who was chasing us?

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There are are many hints in the game that indicates that there are 2 monsters.

One is the man chasing you and the other is :)

absolutely loved this :)

Thank you!

I enjoyed this a lot.  Took me a while to figure out the plot due to overthinking but I understood by the end of the two videos x)

Thanks for making this!  

Oh yes, the finale is coming out tomorrow.


Can't wait to watch everything and listen to your thoughts XD

Just a whole lot of me failing to connect the dots but hopefully not too frustrating for the viewer! Haha. It'll be out at 3 pm est today :)  appreciate it. Will be looking out for any other games from you!


I watched it and I love your witty commentary. It's infectious. I hope you get all the recognition and love that you deserve <3. 

Wow, that is a big compliment. Thanks so much for watching and even more so for telling me that. I'll keep on trying to get bigger and better x)

okay I finished all the endings of the games let me tell you first time playing got my heart racing , Love the every now and then heart attacks

Ohhh. please take care! But I hope you enjoyed it!

I never saw that ending coming😲😱

I feel so bad now

Part 2:


Haha, glad we could surprise you! Cute commentary btw X3!

Thank you😊


this is fucked i was so happy to save lily but i had to kill her insted.i like the format but god why.oh and i have a request can you add an ending where you really save lily please.


There are two other endings to help make the players feel better. As for the alternate ending you requested, I'm afraid we can't do that since we have moved on to other projects and many parts of the story will have to change for it to work. : ( My deepest apologies. 

i understand anyway good game 

Hmm,i really wanted a happy ending but it's fine ig,btw did u make this lullaby urself,

Nope. it's based on the lullaby "Hush Little Baby".

 If you were referring to who made the sad tune version of the lullaby used in the game, it was by the amazing alina and you can check out the full song here!!!


Oh, thanks

Is this game inspired on Lily by Alan Walker?

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No, I have not listened to that song yet.

But I did listen to Eminem's Mockingbird XD.

This game is actually inspired by watching an old PewDiePie horror gameplay!

Edit: I just listened to it. Wow, that's freaky. Maybe it's something with little girls named Lily and Monsters ahahah XD. What a great song tho, thanks for the rec!


That's cool! I'm glad you listened to the song and liked it. You're welcome xD

The most enjoyable horror VN/Point'n'Click hybrid game I have played since the second installment in the legendary 'Corpse Party' series. 

Quite impressive it was made by two people during the space of one month.

The feature that makes interactable elements in a scene be highlithed is a godsend. One the reasons I shy away from most point'n'click games is I lack the patient to click-search for things. This feature should be standard in most games of the genre, IMHO.

Lily is a joy to look at.. Her character sprite, animations, poses and blinking eyes really make her come alive. Her dialogue truly feels like you are talking with a cute, bright, but very scared young girl who hasn't had the best hand dealt to her by the cards of life

If you don't feel like attempting to help her...... you have no soul!

On the less postive end of things, I did not like the addition of the two extra endings. One of them feels way off tone from the rest of the game and I don't agree that words and 'feeling bad about it' are sufficient to achieve redemption. The other reverses the original game situation, in a manner that combines with the previous new one to lead the VN into the realm of moral backrupcy.

It also feels a bit lazy to introduce supernatural elements at the very end of what was, until then, a non-fantastical slasher/survival/horror tale.

I would have prefered variant 'real' endings depending on the choices the MC makes during the game.

In the first unavoiable ending, right until the last moment I had assumed something different from what turned out happened in that scene was taking place (I can't talk about it in detail here as I don't want to throw spoilers).

Apart from that, 'Hush Little Lily' was a joy to play through I do hope ChaniMK delves back into the horror/slasher/gore genre sometime in the future. I have not played any of their Yaoi/BL titles yet (shame on me as someone who like the genre, I know), but maybe combining the two genres could an option? In a hybrid game or straight-up VN (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).


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Thank you for your detailed feedback! I appreciate it! X3

This game made me incredibly uncomfortable at times.

Check the content warnings before playing!

The art is interesting!!

yup yup. pls check the warnings

amazing game but im wondering if this has more lore to it or is it a joke game?

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SPOILERS for anyone reading this

 My partner and I worked really hard on this so it's not a joke game, unfortunately.

the idea I had when planning this was "monsters in folklore and fantasies don't exist in our world because the real monsters are within us" 

oh ok its an amazing game it would be sad if it was a joke game! i gotta say you two really did a good job!

Awwnn, thank you! ^^

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Interesting concept, but I feel like the execution is missing some things. The story somewhat drags, when you can figure out the twist quite quickly, let alone the hints of hope and the MC not caring after awhile to placate lily.

Options to intice the MC to betray the bad guy would be a fairly interesting twist, such as lily doing things that make the MC reconsider their choices or decide to act differently when the end happens. I notice the distinct false illusion of choice, but it would be curious to see how certain curcumstances and events influence the actions of the MC, or lily, in the ending. Such as not trusting in the MC as much, leading her to find escape on her own, or a change of heart in the MC. 

Just food for thought on all that. Edit: I feel like a longer journey, or time to think, would naturally raise suspension and doubt in a character like lily, whom seems to come from a troubled home to begin with. Again... Food for thought. 

Thanks for your feedback!

so it is a story game right?

Yes! It's mainly a visual novel!

Play the game its worth it!!! But wow...

Thank you for recommending! X3

this was really fun to play, you made lily seem like a real girl i was so impressed :)

Thank you!!! Orlon, my partner, did an amazing job with making her come to life!!!!


not me with a mask kink :s


ahahahaha hell yea XDXD

Really well written game. I enjoyed it. Keep it up! 

thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Had I known I was minutes away from the ending, I would've pressed on. Oh well.


Ahahaha yeah! It's quite a short game! XD

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Woah that was cool two new endings and I'm not gonna spoil it but gotta say forgiveness might not be a real option

Additionally, I know all 3 endings, the true ending is the one we all know, hate and love. And the two new endings are just you know, some additional things which could help you when you feel horrible/

yes! A little bonus to ease the heart! UwU

I have no clue what's gonna happen, but I'm excited!!

Good Job😁👍

Part 1:

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Thanks! Can't wait for the next part XD


Here's my first video.


Nice! The only thing I would say is that our game resolution is 1080p. Regardless, thanks for playing ^^


cool game, and poor girl :(


Thanks for playing~! 

Really cool game! I liked how there are subtle hints for the ending and it's quite effective :D  All the mechanics to raise the tension are really nice, very excited to see the other endings! 

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Thank you for your kind words! X3

Edit: Other endings are now available!

Great game, but only had one thing on my mind in the end: the ending; thanks, I hate it! XP


Hahaha XD Still, I appreciate you taking the time to play it!

How could this happen to me. I tried to save the girl. But I went and failed.

That aside, really great game you have here and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I'm just curious on if there's any other endings in the current build of the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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Oh. I couldn't watch the video since it was unavailable TwT. Currently, there is only one ending but we are in the process of making other endings!

Edit: The link for your video is working now! I will definitely watch it!

This was a really well-made piece of written media. I had a lot of fun navigating the place and reading the written dialogue. I feel like visually and audibly it could use a bit more but I do like the style of it. The twist did get me despite my suspicions, the ending was just more straightforward than I expected. I can not wait to see the other endings, as it was quite a fun experience, great work! 

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Thank you~. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, I'm sorry the ending made you feel that way. I just wanted to try making a horror game for once haha...

Edit: Other endings are now available!

Just towards the end I started to realize where it might be going and my suspicion was confirmed! Awesome gam!

Thank you so much! ~

Amazing game... thanks for making it. Loved learning about what happens.

Thank you for playing OwO

Not going to give away spoilers, but man did I call it from the beginning! (I'm proud because I'm usually wrong, lol). It was a fun, twisted point and click horror adventure.

Noicceeee. Glad you had fun XDD

I had a great time playing this!! I really love point and click games and was good to see in the jam <33 

also you did amazing in the art!! it was so pretty,  I loved it! 

it will be weird to say that I enjoyed the end? :'D I was suspecting about MC but I didn't expect that end XD and it was great lol 

lol glad you had fun. your art is amazing as well UwU

Loved it! I normally don't play point and click games, but glad I played this one.


Glad you liked it. Great video btw!


amazing game, but its sad i can't save Lily :(

Thanks and sorry at the same time : (.

I knew there was something wrong with MC somehow. This is a great one! I hope to see more from you!

Thanks! I love your commentary a lot.X3

I'm only going to make fluffy, happy stuff from now on lol, nothing like this. But maybe my partner will continue making horror, dunno XDXD

The game is amazing but wish i could save Lily.....

That would be nice, maybe if the writer is up to it X3. This is a  jam submission so now that the game's done, we're both off to do our own individual stuff haha XD

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