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Does this game have multiple endings?

Eu amei esse jogo!! Me apaixonei pelos personagens e suas caracterΓ­sticas diversificadas. Digo com orgulho, que terminei todos os finais! beijos do Brasil <3

I've played so many mind and soul polluting games here on, but this game has just completely invigorated me. I feel like I've had a bath of peace and cuteness that has washed away all my sins lol The game is so cute, I'm not even such a fan of children, I felt like Aeron, but they are SO cute that I couldn't resist (apart from Jack who is a real spoiled brat) I'd give anything to play more games like this, to see the dynamics of the relatives with the little ones, the funny and cute moments, I'll just keep all the CGs for the rest of my life in my special folder haha <3

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

AAAAAA I loved this game!! It's so cute TwT all the kids and guardians were lovely.

I'm just a bit confused though because I somehow ended up on Wynn's route when I was trying to go for Cadell and I couldn't find a walkthrough so sobs

I forgot since it has been a long time, but I think you need to focus on Cadell and ignore the rest because Wynn is the default ending when the MC doesn't get any guy so he's like a participation trophy XDXD

Ohhhh right, that makes sense. I did go talk with all the guardians because I thought this was one of those games that let you choose at the end and didn't auto put you on a route, whoops! Thank you so much for the help :)

very cute game <3 aeron lover here !!

thank you for playing!

Picked my favorite game so far and figured I'd leave this...

I have a LOT of favorite scenes. ^w^

Looking forward to more.

Ooo do tell me what kind of tropes you like and maybe I could do some in the future!

My favorite tropes, huh? Hoo boy, you opened the worm can. Since I've played all your games and liked so many, this will get long. 

Here goes... 

Enemies to lovers is probably my favorite. I also like teacher/student and that sort of thing, authority and charge basically. I guess kinda opposites-attract too (Gavin and Kai, Just my Buddy). 

My ultimate love interest would be tsundere and bespectacled (Aeron from Nursery, older Gavin), have piercings and/or tattoos (Renan from Pact), long hair (Lance from Prince/Villain), and a twisted personality (Asa from Forsaken), mental health issues (Sam from the Forgive series) or weird hobby (Rapscallions LIs) depending on game type. Weird hobby for a comedy, twisted personality or mental health issues for a darker type of game. My favorite games have some angst but a happy ending, like Mixed Feelings or Prince and Villain. 

Even though it's not BL, I actually liked most of the LIs in Rapscallions on Deck. The weird hobbies that want to shoot something, or constantly offer to amputate something make me laugh. Perfect for a comedy. 

Obviously, my favorite (lighthearted) game you've done was Nursery, and my favorite character is Aeron. He's like my ultimate type, tsundere with glasses. Gareth is a close second. It's weird but I like opposites like that. 

My favorite not-lighthearted game is definitely Forgive my Desires, Father. It's perfectly twisted and dark, but can have a happy ending... Again, that goes back to the authority figure and charge trope, plus mental health issues. 

I have a hard time playing it because I get so angry at Gabriel (What if you made a separate what-if game where Gabriel stays a guardian secretly loving and envying from afar?), but in Forsaken I love Asa. I've come to realize how much I like seeing people I like upset (like Asa). In games, I like choosing things that'll show me someone cry or pout; I save screenshots of upset faces in manga too.

Wish you could pursue Theo in Fisherman. His personality is one of my faves. 

I really have played all but one of your games. I skipped Rent an Owner since it was more of a concept, but that's the only one. 

I probably just shared way more than you wanted, so I'll stop there. I'm an autistic fan that obsessed over your games, so sorry about the essay! 

I appreciate the long comment, actually! Honestly, I've been forgetting about tattoos, so I should definitely make more character designs with tattoos. You make me want to make a dark psychological story again XD There are too many light-hearted ones lately LOL 

I do love dark psychological ones too! Especially with a little yandere flair. 

This game was super cute! Absolutely loved every minute of it. Both the adults and kids are absolutely hilarious. 

I got Cadell's ending and he's just the sweetest.

I just finished my first route (Garneth) and I can already say that I'm loving the game so far!

It's cute, light and very interesting! All the characters captivate you and make you want to follow their routes!

The next route I'm going to take is Barry's!

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Very cute but I'm confused how I got the teacher ending. I was aiming for Gareth. 

It would be nice to have a affection chart 

i'm so happy that i came across this game, it's realy cute, i love it honestly, i hope it reaches more people because it's incredibly cute and the characters are hard not to love.

i think the guys i loved most were gareth and cadell, making it hard for me to decide who to go with first, it turned out to be cadell which wasn't disappointed with, his route was cute and i started off hating jack but seeing how the mc impacts cadell's life, i enjoyed seeing him grow into less of a brat and cadell grow into having somewhat of a backbone to say no.

im happy that you liked it ^^

OMG this game was so cute!!! I honestly had such a hard time trying to pick a route, all your characters are just so endearing πŸ₯Ή. Loved it!!! Thank you for the wonderful game ^^


Is there a walkthrough for this game?

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I love this game! It's so cute! I loved gareth's route the most <3


Can't stand Gareth, LMAO,best choice.

Wonderfull game,cute kids AND cute dads ><


I love this game so much!! It's so cute and fun tbh, Its definitely a game I would recommend to anyone!!! 1000/10 :]

Oh. my. goodness, this was absolutely such a fun game and made me giggle a lot!! The guys and children were all so cute, and I just love everything about it, and hearing about the parents were sad too, this was such an entertaining game to play!!

I really enjoyed playing this game, especially Gareth's route! Thank you so much for making this, it's an awesome game! ^o^

Me super try to get everyone's route but still stuck with Wynnie

reject the main guys when they invite you and that probably should work ^^

OOOO thank u

lel i think im stuck with Wynn

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Only downloaded this out of extreme boredom honestly i dont know what life is anymore this is literally babies first dating sim

I had a hard time choosing between Cadell and Barry they were both my FAVORITE >.<

Hey-o!! Just a doubt, do you have it for Brazilian Portuguese? If not, a thousand apologies!! I don't speak english :P, that's it, bye bye! kisses <33!!

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, there are no official translations for my games TwT

This was very cute. 


This game is so cute!


i feel like i have done something great after getting all the endings... whooo keep up the good work !!


This game is so good


omg i love this so much its so cute TT i hope the story was longer


Very endearing and sweet. Working as a nursery teacher was such a cute experience and the kids were so adorable, and small.

Getting to know the kids and their respective guardians/relatives was wholesome, and very authentic.There were struggles, fears, concerns that they expressed that I could sympathise with; I'm not a parental figure, or child anymore, but it was effortless connecting with the characters.It's the reason I can't pick a route I like more, although I have a real soft spot for Gareth and Nia, everyone pulled on my heart strings. 


so adorable! in this game i like Nia, so poor when was child and always saw parents fighting. :( and uncle gogo raise her so lovely story. i love this game! other character so cute and have good backstory. sorry for my bad english


thank you! Your English is just fine, don't worry about it! ^^


This game is so cuteee! My fav were Barry, Aeron and Cadell. They are all so sweet in their own way I just wanna give them a hug. Awee I loved this game so muchh!

cute <3

I had a lot of fun playing this! the pairings were cute with child and guardian and event he ones i thought i wouldn't like ended up being really endearing <3


This is worth the download! I just finished the game today. The story and dynamics between the characters are so adorable.


😁 not sure what i expected of this,but the kids are so cute.and i just wanna give Cadell a massive hug.

Heyyo~ Don't mind me, just slowly going through my backlog of your games πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’ž

Anyways! Thanks for making this game! It was a wholesome ride~ Everyone is lovable in their own right, but my faves are Cadell, Gareth, and Wynn for sure πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

I actually played Gareth's route last out of the main LIs since he wasn't exactly my type, but! The moment he started being all blushy? He stole my heart! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ž

So aye, enjoyed this a whole lot~ Their interactions with the kids are so adorable!! Gave me cavities πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

~ WingedHares


This game is absolutely adorable!! I had a great time playing it, all the characters are so cute, especially Cadell ( I love him sm!). 
I think I'll even make some fanart or custom assets for the game idk  

So happy to hear it ^^


everyone is so smooth with cringy pickup lines lmao

i only realized till afterward that you have to reject an invite to be able to accept a following invite --kinda confusing if you ask me-- but it was easy to get the endings i was aiming for after that discovery ✌

i enjoyed it so much i went for a 100 percent completion

Cadell cutie ❀

i wish i can play all your games but it always gets removed after i download it, does anyone have a solution? (im windows btw)

Removed? As in it disappears after downloading? Can you elaborate so I can help out?

it's like it'll show its downloaded but once clicked it'll delete itself and it says "removed"

that is very odd... Does the same thing happen if you download a game from another developer or just mine?

For me it happens with some others, I'm not sure it's my computer. It just says I can't download it or something went wrong? I want to play your game, it looks fun. Not sure what went wrong, hope your day is going well! Thank you for your time and effort!

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