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I don't mean to be rude, but there's barely any romance. I feel like our MC dynamic and her LIs are like friends and platonic, which is really weird in my opinion because this game is supposed to be in the dating sim and romance genre. I see that on your tags, though. What a letdown. Tbh, this is no surprise for me; it's the second time I've encountered devs who make Yaoi games try to make Otome games but are not really able to deliver the good experience i expected when i played Otome games. Sorry for my harsh response; I'm just stating my experience playing your game. Good luck on your next project.


No offense taken because it's true. XD Sometimes, I prefer making stories that focuses on friendship and funny scenes rather than romance. IMO, it's a new take on a genre to show that friendship is just as wholesome and important as romance for the asexuals out there. ^^ I've actually made a lot of friendship BLs, too. It's not just this one otome. I'll remember to be more transparent in the future and make sure to mention that it's a friendship otome everywhere as to not mislead anyone. ^^


Is there a walkthrough for this game?

Although I haven't played the game, I know I will be having a blast once I start it.  I got my paycheck so I can support my favorite game creator =D

Thank you! It's more focused on friendship but I hope you'll still like it!


More of the good stuff!  Comedy is the best!  ^^

This game was more focused on family/close relations rather than romance...  At least it felt like that to me...  And I don't mind it.  It was heartfelt and heartwarming.

But um...  Was it me or Ravi's end was...  Horror like?  It was rather unexpected turn of events...  But that was rather interesting.  XD

I like the humor and all the other parts of the game.  Especially the MC's facial expressions...  I swear that one of them reminds me of the face they make in "Gintama" (anime/manga)...  If that's the reference...  KUDOS!

I don't do favorites, as each person has something to offer...  But!  I liked Leif's shy personality mixed with "scare tactics" and the guy's all had nice bodies...  @.@

There were no kissing scenes...  And that's okay, like I said...  It was mostly focused on other things and perhaps later on there would be some tongue action.

That said, game made my entire day + night worth it.  THANK YOU!  :D


Thank you! I wanted to play this game for so long.

The game is super cool. So wholesome and adorable! I love all of the characters. The MC too. Her facial expressions are priceless. The comedy is gold. Wow, I'm gushing. (>///<)

Anyway, the game is great. 10/10, would sail again!


Thank you so much for making the game free for Valentine's Day!

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once i get enough money, i will purchase this

-local aroace who enjoys men aesthetically


FYI if you haven't bought this already the game is free for several hours in honor of Valentine's Day.


For once, I cannot decide who my favorite character is. They're all so precious, including the side characters. ><


Are the guys romanceable? 


Yes and no. Most of the good endings have implied romance, but you don't see it in-game much. It's mainly friendship. ^^


I haven't played the game but I love how cool the character's design look :D

I'm glad you like them!

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well....i am gunning for Jun.shame the mc is not an actual guy though


This is just an experiment so I'll def be making more BLs in the future!


Oh man I am so excited!