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I oddly enjoyed this. I wish there was a second part.


(internal screaming) I really like master-pet play in fiction. But experiencing it "first-person" was wayyy more embarrassing than I thought. My face was visibly beet red throughout the whole gameplay. It was cringe and embarrassing but I liked it. Just couldn't get used to being the pet in first person pov. I'm more used to reading master-pet au in various fandoms, and I don't usually project myself as the pet. But like I said, I like me some master-pet au(s) XO

The whole time I was smiling and the feeling of being a pet isn't really that bad. I would love to see more of norman I hope we get more:(

I can't believe I enjoyed it so much,, I guess you learn sth new every day! Btw I'd love to see more Norman in my life <3

As someone who is already a pet regressor and enjoyer of being a pet, I loved this. 

The idea is amazing and it truly shows the side of wanting to be a pet that is completely non-sexual, it's something that ace pet regressors like myself can enjoy. 

I love this and I'd love to see more!


Holy shit, I never thought I'd like being called a good boy and or treated like a pet but wow. Honestly, I need more of this- My mouth hurts from how much I smiled while playing it! No pressure at all of course, just (maybe) make more please


Welcome to the good boy club XDXD For sure I'll work on it again if I get inspiration ^^

Like I said, no pressure :) Just take your time ^^! I've played most of your other games too and they were all very good, I feel like this game could grow well! :3


I like your games, the idea for this game seems interesting, I hope you will want to develop it 😅❤️

I need more of this! I've been a good girl...!

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omg this was so cutee, I literally relate to the mc haha, there's something about wholesome and fluff media that make me so happy.

 I love this game, I would definitely rent a owner lol. I like the detail of him floating a bit with his mouth moving its cool, I wanna see more of Norman :3

I'll definitely consider adding more mouth animations in the future! ^^

havent played it yet but I can tell its going to be fun bc all games I have played from (forgot creators name bc im dum) are rlly fun and great (half my games on my laptop are......darn forgot)


yes i do! i love this


omg i think i love this too much :')) i can't wait to see more that's for sureeee


This is too cute. Excited to see more! 


Haven't even played it yet and I'm already excittteeed


I need this to be a series like the Hex Pets one >< 


I love this, it's so cute! I definitely want more! U・ᴥ・U


I am already waiting for part 2


"to make the head pat scenes better"

LOL I feel a sudden wave of relief knowing that there will be head pats.


I wasn't here, you didn't see anything

john cena


i'll wait


Time to download another good game hohoho