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Played once and after getting ending two balled my eyes out, i freaking loved this game auughhhhh

Ending 1 is a happier ending btw!

This was so cute, playing and getting the bad ending first and then playing the good ending made it more impactful. It felt like after Axel fulfilled Ethan's wishes, he got a second chance and refused to give Ethan up.

I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

I'm so lost T^T Where is the CD player... I'm lost in the store. This is worse then me Irl. Where do I gooooo? 

If I recall correctly, the CD player is in the living room.



I got Ending 2 on my first playthrough. And hesitated to replay because thought that ending 1 is even sadder. BUUUT after a while I replayed the game and I'm glad that they ended up together. I read your several works(Only free ones. I apologize for being a cheapskate but my current situation don't allowing me spending money on games) and I am your fan now. Your writing is on divine level!

Thank you for your praise! I'll do my best to learn and be a better writer.

The game is purposely crafted for most people to get Ending 2 first so that Ending 1 becomes more enjoyable. I'm glad it worked for you ^^

And no worries! I make those games free because I'm aware that there are people who can't spend as much, so please don't apologize!  

I love this so much, It's the main reason on why i started to be you fan!!

I hope you'll make more VNs! Thanks you and Keep up the good work!! <3

Thank you very much! I definitely plan to make more!

i love this game, axel so pookie

I loooove the first ending. They are so cute.

I liked both endings. You really come through when I only have the energy for short VNs ๐Ÿซก Also got lost in the store 3 times TT (happens in real life as well)

You're like the cute, clumsy protagonist! X3

I can't find the incense or talk to the people in the stoor

Oh, nevermind. Nice game! I recognized the art style did you make another game about a priest and a man I think you did. 

I've made a game with a priest before so maybe! ^^

I haven't played yet but the persons name is Axel?? I can already tell I'm gonna love this. (My names Axel too :D)

Ending 2 is the bad ending, even if it's the right one.   But, I absolutely love ending 1!!!!!

I feel bad for the woman in ending 1- she must've been so confused.

I'm crying my eyes out ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

i got ending 2 the first time


Spoiler alert:

I decide to not fulfil Ethan's wishes because I was hoping for a bad ending in my first playthrough just for shit and giggles. But when I discovers that it turned out to be a good ending, I was like WTFFFFFF.... and yes I get the sad ending on my 2nd playthrough. Why ๐Ÿฅฒ Awesome game nonetheless though ๐Ÿ˜


I expected everyone to get the bad ending on their first try but you beat it aarrghh XD

I was busy for a while,and i can't help but be really happy to have so much new games to play.Anyway thank you,this one was  cute and heartwarming <3


Hey! Welcome back! ^^

what was the first ending?

If the MC doesn't fulfill Ethan's wishes, you'll get the first ending which is happier.

is there a full screen option its soooooo smallllll

The resolution isn't 1920x1080 to maintain the retro feel. The most you can do is to maximize it unfortunately OTL


Yes that's what i mean i love it




Can you make more of this it's COOL

hope this get off soon

You mean more rpg or supernatural? ^^

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Deleted 1 year ago

Dear Chani,

I'm back again to be playing ur game after a month long of exams. And wow, did you improve so much in terms of playability on android. Back then, it was very laggy (not that anyone else would've mind but I was the impatient sort of guy and my attention span was very short). I was very shocked to see it playing so smoothly for once on my phone. This will definitely make it more enjoyable. I'll be playing this now. 

I hope the rest of the game runs smoothly for you ^^

This was a really cute short game! I loved the supernatural element and the art work is so lovely! 

*cries quietly* I wish they can both meet in the afterlife so they can be happy together foreverrr, this was nice and short! I liked the mini character sprite of axel when hes walking ehehe. I loved the art too!

Thank you! I appreciate it ^^


Failed to load


This is continously popping up what do I do!!!!!!!!!! :(

On browser?

Yeah :(

I cant seem to find the error since the font is loading on all devices for me TT

May I suggest downloading the game instead? There is an android build and a windows build.

thank you for trying to help me! what download should I try using for a samsung Chromebook

also here is what it looks like incase anyone else has this issue so you can fix it

i believe you can use windows programs on chromebook so maybe try windows? I'm  not so sure TT

Aw, this was so cute! Thank you so much for making it; it really warmed my heart! <3
There were also a lot of cute CGs in this for a free project; you're spoiling your readers! >_<

Thanks! ^^ I love drawing simple cgs.

I love your games, they are so fricking adorable <3 

Thank you! It means a lot!

This was fairly sweet


just thought you should know that this is possible (i'm in the green stuff)

Thanks for reporting! It's now fixed!