Upcoming Projects!

Hi! Just wanted to update you on the projects that I've been working on UwU

For May, I'll be releasing a game where you choose between your guardian angel and your soulmate. The protagonist wakes up in heaven and he can't remember anything regarding his time on earth, but the two love interests know a lot about him. Check it out here if you want to see more: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1957080/Our_Fate_Forsaken__Yaoi_BL_Visual_Nov...

If you don't want to wait, you can play it now on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chanimk

For June, I'll be releasing a story about childhood friends who grew apart and would later reunite after 15 years! But now that they are adults, things have changed! This one is my usual slice of life fluff! Only one love interest though.

This one is also available to play now on my Patreon! 

And lastly, for July, I have prepared a big project. You play as a demon and 3 humans make a pact with you so they can fulfill their desires. I wanted to make something crazy so I'm super excited for this one! I'm still currently working on this one but here's a preview! You can see what the characters look like on my Patreon! I update reguarlary there, X3

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you'll look forward to these three titles!

As usual, I'll be updating my progress every day on my socials. Though I post more on Twitter :333  https://twitter.com/ChaniMK_VN


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Oh, I'm interested in all of them. =D And I'm secretly hoping Asa is a demon. lol. Demons are def a kink of mine, so A Pact With Me seems super exciting. (and I love a chance to be evil...but still nice? semi-evil? eh...saturday morning cartoon evil? xD)

And you already know about my love for friend romance, so yes pls to Disillusioned Reunion. ^.^


Hell yea. We're slice of life buddies XDXD

For the demon vn, I'm still making it, but I'm def gonna add bits where you can be slightly evil or very evil. Huehuehue *rubs hands together like a cartoon villain*

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YAY! I love being cartoon semi-evil. xD (I'm to nice in the end for pure evil. I'd be that villain that claims to want to destroy/rule the world, but always loses or ends up helping the hero in some way. Like, I'd meet up with the hero at a grocery store and make a show about it, but then calmly ask the hero if they think this watermelon is ripe or not.) I'm just being evil for the fun of it but like I don't want to actually hurt anybody. xD


Honestly... That is such a cute idea XDXDXD

All the stories sound interesting.  I can't wait to play them

Thanks! I can't wait to deliver them UwU


These look awesome! Looking forward to their release! I'm especially eager for the childhood friends (I think the concept is just so sweet, I love love LOVE the childhood friends reunion trope XD) and the demon one.


Yes! I absolutely love that trope too! UwU

Long live friend romances! They deserve to win their love! xD

hehe,looking foward to it <3,i wish a had money for patreon now.Sad me >3


No worries! I'll still be uploading some games for free UwU


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