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Another awesome game!  Thank you!

Could've sworn Mr. R. was going to tell Aries he is secretly a demon...  XD.


lmao that would be a fun twist XD


I started playing the game with the resolve that I would go for Ross first as a show of faith, but I was so tempted by Brendan so many times because I think his dynamic with Aries is adorable. After finishing both their routes, I was so conflicted with who I liked more.

And then, I saw the third ending and 😳 it exceeded my expectations and provided something so bold and daring. I did not expect that CG at all, and at this point, I'm not sure if I'm still confused or excited about it. It almost feels like it could become enemies to lovers.


How many games you make is just incredible ! LIKE Seeing your games brings some achivement when i get all the endings ! And they make me happy extra bonus for someone whos actually gay aka me !XD Keep up the work!

Happy to hear it!


How do you get the 3rd ending? Am I just dumb >.<


I admit that it's a lot harder so I might make a walkthrough XD

If you could i'd be very grateful!

did you figure out how to get the 3rd ending?? ive been playing for a while and i cant get it :((

I'll make a walkthrough soon! Sorry for the delay!


Aww I like it!


I love love love your games I have bought all of them on here and on steam 

Thank you for your support! X3


Who is the Real Male lead Here and Ohh Aries is the MC

I would say Ross is the main lead since the receptionist is added after a twitter game!