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Belial is a mischievous demon who's looking for humans to make a pact with. In exchange for granting their wishes, he will take their souls after 20 years. One day, he meets three mortals with different backgrounds who seek his help for their own reasons. While assisting them, will Belial grow fond of these humans or corrupt them instead?

Belial is playful and carefree, but he isn't as cruel as other demons. He tends to do whatever he wants even if he's aware of the repercussions.

Lior has been misfortunate since birth. Even though life treats him horribly, he always tries his best to stay optimistic and smile.

Renan is a hard-working musician who dreams of standing on a stage. But regardless of the amount of work he puts in, it seems almost impossible to find success in his career.

Shilo is a well-educated and charming man. He focuses a lot on discipline, so much so that he grows upset whenever someone slacks off and disrupts his routine.

Lucifer makes sure everything is orderly back in Hell. He comes off as cold and tends to chastise others. However, Belial rarely listens to him.

- No sexual scenes
- 46K words
- 14 Endings
- 40+ CGs

Mentions emotional abuse, violence, and death

Editor: Taylor Morphis

Credits to Dova Syndrome(https://dova-s.jp/) for Music and Zapsplat(https://www.zapsplat.com/) for Sound Effects.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Dark, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Binged through many more of your games this past week! I loved the concept behind this, and the three routes were all pretty interesting, but Lior is my personal favorite. I think I canon a platonic friendship between him and Belial, and I just really want him to be happy.

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😭 you are a monster!!! why ya gotta make Lior so innocent? i dun wanna take his soul that way.<>>> BAD ENDING? 😤 how dare thee.


ahhhhh don't worry that won't happen to him XDXDXDXD spoilers 

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😳😳 senpai kissed me!! >>>>>>> i dun think 'Shilo' is fully hoomin🧐

LOL that sounds funny out of context XDXD

I just found the game and am really enjoying it so far! I love how Belial has been written, he has so much personality. The art is gorgeous and the characters are all unique  in  their own way. Lucifer being concerned for Belial is actually adorable and I love how he just chills in the room. The time as just flown by with what I have played so far and I can't wait to continue playing

I suggest everyone to grab the game and play it yourself! 

Stay mad Lucy lol ٢ ` ౪´ ì❤❤❤❤

I did complete his gallery and B is right he needs to have fun

Will there be a future dlc? Just asking xD


Not sure if there's gonna be a DLC. A date with Lucifer in his human form would be cute tho uwu


No dlc but I do like the idea of him in his human form! That way he could spend more time with humans  and with Beli or even just the two of them having fun in the human realm since he seems to be fond of him enough to help him stay alive even if he did get mad because he likes forming bonds with humans. I mean Lucifer may be a bit lonely too even if he's the ruler of hell so that would be a good excuse right? <3


do u plan to release a guide for this game I’ve replayed atleast 10 times and can’t get all the cgs

I will when I have some free time ^^

no rush I know ur busy making amazing games thank u for replying 


The walkthrough is done! Here's the link! https://chanimk.itch.io/a-pact-with-me/devlog/408446/walkthrough


The game is wholesome, the amount of work u put in it is astonishing! Loved the little interactions in the MC's abode - the way we can pester Lucy is priceless xD  
i'm sorry for spamming here but i just wanted to replay Hexed Pet Series and found that it's no longer there - will u ever repost it?

Thanks for playing A Pact With Me!

As for Hexed Pet... I feel unsatisfied with the poor quality. I do plan on reposting after improving it. 

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WOOOT!!! Now...to buy.

Ok, first impression. I LOVE the main menu screen. I like how clicking on the star alters the image to a darker one with the options. From a design standpoint, that is sweet. And as someone who particularly loves game design elements, I fan over that menu screen every time.

As for the boys, I honestly thought I would only love Lior. But I loved all of them. Even Shilo, who I really thought I'd dislike. I really seem to have a weakness for wicked characters (in stories at least), as he's so cruel and evil and yet I still found myself loving him (he did give me serious Light from Death Note vibes). Really great job writing his character. I enjoyed all three characters and all their good endings (both 1 and 2).

My canon endings for each boy are Confront Mom with Lior, Support whatever Path he chooses for Renan, and a tie for both endings for Shilo (though slightly tilted towards loving demon Shilo). xD

I also really enjoyed Lior's story and his 'curse'. And now I'm ready to zoom past  the bad endings, cause I also love Luci and want to see his side route with Belial. 

As always, I enjoyed the heck out of your game. But especially enjoyed playing a semi-evil demon. I'm kinda sad to almost be done. I don't get enough excuses to be a semi-evil demon. And you really nailed the semi-evil aspect, still doing evil things but making it fun. In fact, this may be hands down my favorite game of yours so far. (though I love all that I've played) xD

(also, all curses upon Lior's mother)


OMG I just watched Death Note a week ago and I love Light. I think I have a thing for wicked characters who think they're doing good aassfhjkl.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! So happy to hear that you like this one!

I'm having lots of fun with this game. 

Do you have any tips for Lucifers side route?

yes! during chapters 4 and 5, get the bad endings for all 3 human LIs


Thank you so much for the tip.

Also, thank you for making so many fun games. This is definitely my favourite so far. 


>:) I love darker themed games so this really has me excited!!!

as much as I want to get the bad endings I'm already protective of Lior 😭

congrats on release!! ^^

Thank you so much!

"No sexual scenes" ? 😭

Sorry, I don't make NSFW for now

so so excited I love all ur games thanks so much for all your hard work 

Thank you so much!

Hehe, there's an angel now its demon's turn ヾ(*’O’*)/


XDXD crazy angel and nice demon