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Samael suffers from delusions because of a sin he had committed in the past. Feeling troubled and lost, he stumbles across a graveyard where he hears a sermon. A calming voice performs that sermon which immediately makes him feel at ease. That's when Samael falls for the owner of that gentle voice, a priest from the nearby church. The only person who could make him feel at peace. Could the priest be... his true love?

You can play the original short here if you want to experience the priest's POV: https://chanimk.itch.io/forgive-my-sins-father

4 different Endings and 9 CGs.

Over 15K words, 90 minutes of playtime


This work is fictional and is NOT meant to harm any religion or religious figure.

This work is NOT meant to represent everyone with psychosis or imply that they're inherently insane.

Mentions of infidelity, strangulation, murder, arson, blood and hallucinations.


Edited by Taylor Morphis

Credit to Dova Syndrome(https://dova-s.jp/) for Music and Zapsplat(https://www.zapsplat.com/) for Sound Effects.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaniMK_VN

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chanimk_vn/

Support me on Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/chanimk

Join my Patreon to get early access to my games:  https://www.patreon.com/chanimk

Sneak peek at my LATEST game: https://bit.ly/3nRLoVG

You can get an artbook if you donate 3$ or above! It's just some sketches and art from  Forgive My Sins, Father and Forgive My Desires, Father

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(118 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
TagsAnime, Creepy, Dark, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityOne button


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one moment i am going, NONONO STOP THAT PLEASE BRO DO NOT PLEASE. and then i am going, AWWWWWW THAT IS ADORABLE, YES YES YES. repeat until i got the end where they got engaged.

also. i was kind of about to cry when i heard about his past, and also the moments where Dani yelled at him

i do not agree with arson or anything like that, i do not forgive him for that.

and there is never a reason to murder or anything like that.

but i also still felt bad for him.

there was a lot of things i did not like about him.

but there were also things that i sympathize with him about, 

the reason why i was always about to cry whenever Dani yelled at him, was because i despise people shouting too. loud voices that just scream negative things, it messes me up, i already hate most loud noises from the start, but being introvert, mixed with being sensitive to sound...well, short way t0 give an image.

multiple voices in your head screaming and not only that, but also saying negative things

haha. yeah i definitively felt bad for him on that part. and him covering his ears with thoughts in his head, just begging for it to be quiet.. sheesh that really immersed me.

whenever i was given those two options between, childish psychotic possesiveness, or, maybe still a little childish but atleast more sane and rational, i..yeah i think i am picking the more rational option

(2 edits) (+2)(-2)

I really dislike Samuel, not for the reasons you may think of, like cheating or being obsessive but because he doesn't realize how much of a child he is and I am not making fun of mental disorders. it's about his personality. think of it like being black and racist at the same time because it's not something exclusive.

Using Daniella as a replacement for other people he should have had around as a kid and getting angry because she's real a grown up unlike him

I feel sorry for Daniella because babygirl deserves much better than a ichi the killer ass kid

He liked Daniella for 2 months because of a ideal mental image he had and now we saw him do the same fast developing relationship thing with Andrew.

Since both of them doesn't have a well paying job things will repeat and he will hate Andrew too or maybe Andrew will be okay with barely affording any life expenses, maybe he won't ask Sammy to go and get therapy, which is not any better because it can lead to abuse


I absolutely loved this game btw. It was one of the most immersive stories I have ever seen


This one put me on the edge of my seat, I heard there's an other game about this- I played this first, that good? Eh. Well, I got first ending, I'm thinking of so many things that could go wrong and could go right, I don't know anymore!! They are an interesting pair. I guess I'll leave it at that. 

The other game is written in the priest's POV. It's more psychological horror. This game has romantic endings. Hope that helps!

this game is amazing ! I loved it so much !

Samael and Andrew are just adorable together, thanks for creating this incredible game ^^

omGGGG I loved this sm!!!!! Ah, thank you for this masterpiece!  

when I say i was flabbergasted when he was acting like a yandere

if yall know Queen by Kanaria, that part where it goes

Datte sore wa haiboku no aizu

that was literally my reaction

and then the part where it went

Aimai shitto konnan o buki ni

was literally Dani in a nutshell


Played the next day after playing the original VN and loved both. I liked the differences in how the story played out depending on whose POV it was.

Dos bananos

I just wanted to say how much I liked this game! I played the version on Steam and loved it. You have no idea how quickly I got attached to Andrew and Samael; I honestly would not mind seeing other stories with them in the future if such a thing is possible


I'm glad you liked it ^^ Thanks for playing!

awesome game! Samael is a yandere Kinda and I LOVE the idea :) ( i was so shocked  when Samael cheated) 


The way I freed up storage just to play more visual novels lmao

I do the same 😂


Forgive My Desires, Father was a brilliant spin-off and successor to the developer's previous title, Forgive My Sins, Father.

Expanding upon the story of Samael, the writing takes you on a ride of emotions throughout the story, and provides a satisfying ending to this unlikely encounter.

Whether you've played the prequel or not, I'd highly suggest that you play this visual novel if you're a fan of the BL genre, and if you'd like to indirectly affect the actions of this young, troubled man.

This and Sins were a wild ride. My favorite ending is the first good ending, but the first bad ending was also sweet, in a twisted way. I hope Samael is able to get the help he requires to overcome his trauma and the voices in his head. I think a side story where Samael comes to terms with the fire and his mother's death would be interesting to explore.


i gotta say as someone with deep rooted religious trauma this game is almost a healing experience thank you for making it. im gonna donate in the future when i can


Hey! Sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad I could help! Thank you so much for reading the story!


samael is just like me frfr except i dont sleep w guys and say father whiel doing it


I am so glad I played Sins First! It is so fun seeing the other side of the coin and seeing what Sameal was thinking and his mental issues! I have just dived in and still playing but I am loving it so far! very well written and makes me eager to continue playing!


damn the priest so fine no wonder my guy wanted to slap them cheeks


Epic amazing work, you really managed to bring out the emotions with this novel. A+


I cried hard

Man, the way I was kicking my wall and screaming on the inside when Andrew and Samael got married, I was so happy. (p.s. Idk why but I'm starting to like Andrew)


I'm quite amazed with the differences between Sins I played first and Desires but it's only about that I've been playing for two hours or more till it's 4AM and I have no regrets 

First of all I was scared it may turn into one more story with unhealthy relationship but Samael surprised me. I was waiting to see a psycho, and I did but he could response correctly to his voices (I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE BOTH OF THOSE LINES ARE GOOD ENDINGS THANKSSSSS IM CRYING). I usually do not welcome those stories where one partner is smth like a mental-rescue to another cause I do not believe them but this one (in the ending where Sammy at once told Danielle they have to break up) is an exception

Nevertheless I respect Dani so much!! First I was more dissapointed about her (cause you should think you'll hurt your partner by yelling BEFORE you start a quarrel, not to apologise after it, especially since you have already heard it makes them anxious) than not but in the ending which I have already mentioned it feels like now she is a better and smarter person then in the begginings of the story. I do like her, send her to me, please........ 

Sorry for writing so much (and pulling you into such a bad english :'D) I just really fell in love with your game. I'm not the priest, so I hope I can afford it haha


My favorite of your games so far. 


I see that you like darker stuff XDXDXD


That I do. I really enjoyed Samael having some sort of unnamed mental health issue, and helping him navigate that to the endings. I have an equal fondness for the ending where he stabs Andrew as the one where they live happily(?) ever after. 


The happily ever after ending where he proposes feels like a 90 day fiance episode ahahhaha XD 


Very true, but Andrew handles it well. I like to imagine a long engagement for them after that. 


That ending (the cg2 one) broke me. The marriage made me cry too. I love this. 

(also when clicking on the unlockedcg2 at the menu screen, it crashes)


thanks so much for the bug report! I'll try to figure it out!

I love this game so much!

It made me feel many things, even fear sometimes, but mostly good feelings! Thank you so much, hope you keep creating amazing game like this one!

I will! Thanks for playing!

im in love with your games!

Thank you ^^ Excited to pump out more X3

Please do  i cried on two of the endings Lmao.

That's right.

Just fixed it! Sorry for the inconvenience. I forgot to double-check while updating TwT

Game has an error that causes the dialogue in the game to drift out of the dialog box. I hope you fix it.

for mobile?


Dani should have known  he has PTSD from his mother or the house burning down but i Love this game

glad to hear it! thank you.


finally have the time to play these games :D 

hope you'll enjoy it!


Damn this was good, I've played pretty much all your other games and I was holding back on the forgive my ones because I had psychological horror but I caved in. I thought there would be a happy ending and I guess technically there was but even the "good" one foreshadows something bad happening lol. I really wish someone would recognize that the guy needs help and get him therapy because he clearly needs it lol. But anyways, awesome game, super well written.


Thank you for trying it out! I'm really happy to hear that you liked it!

(1 edit) (+1)

the game keeps closing out on me for no reason at the part when the priest is walking away and it say "You have to make him YOURS" and "You need to go talk talk to him" and idk what to do ¯\(°_o)/¯

NVM I GOT IT✧♡(◕‿◕✿)


You can download the build that has the name 'CrashFix'. It's specifically made for computers that crash during that scene UwU Sorry for the inconvenience

the end selection is perfect


Glad you think so X3

(1 edit) (+1)

i toke my time,but i finally got enough courage to play it,and i'm not regreftull,that was so cute.They really make a cute couple.

PS:Samael surelly is ...intense.


Yeah, this one is wayyy cuter than the first one X33 thanks for playing!

I have unlocked all endings and now idk what to feel🧍🏻‍♂️

It was amazing experience, don't get me wrong. I love every moment of it. Samael got really serious issue and I recommend a therapy for him(;ŏ﹏ŏ) 

I really want to see Danielle pov though.


Really thought samael would still marry her at that one ending and maybe platonic relationship with andrew💀but good for her that they didn't. 

I also want to know if Danielle really cheated or not. There's not much to see from her side so I got curious.

So anyway great game!! The inner voices got me really scared cuz i played this at 2 am but still love it!! Great work( ◜‿◝ )♡


Thank you! I hope he gets therapy too twT


Good game, I enjoyed the story. I've already finished "Forgive My Sins, Father" from a priest's perspective. Now with Samael's point of view, it becomes interesting to know the background of the character.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.



(3 edits) (+1)

Do you know how to fix this? Every time I try to play it says it'll put my computer at risk does it have something to do with me being on Windows 11? 


I think you can just click on more info and allow access. There is no malware. Sometimes windows give false warnings for indie games sadly. 


That was insane! I don't want to spoil too much but damn, these endings weren't what I was expecting at all! (And in a good way) 













The one where we end up killing the priest anyway, despite putting down the knife was terrifying😭😭😭 so congratulations, you really nailed the creepy tag! 

Btw, I've spotted some typos and I was wondering where we could report them to you?


Ooo I would appreciate that! I didn't hire an editor for this one so I appreciate the help 💪You can comment it here or you can DM me on twitter or insta at @chanimk_vn


Okay so I don't remember if there's more but these are the ones I saw during my runs!

You're => Your


Enagaged => engaged


Kiss => kissed


Thanks! Once again, I appreciate it!

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