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I am having issues playing the game. When I get to the first choice my game either freezes or crashes. Whenever I hover over an option with my mouse the game crashes. Is there anything I can do to fix it

Since it's a common issue, I'm currently working on another build where the hover issue won't occur since the current file I'm using seems to be heavy. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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I've already played "Forgive my sins father" and now i'm exited to play this one :D

Edit: So i finished the game and it was good. But i preferred the first because the Father seemed reasonable but in this game, spoiler

The two more crazy endings were kinda sugercoating this mess. And i don't mind messed up stories but it felt somewhat out of character with the father that it was just weird and unsatisfying. But all in all i would give it a 4 out of 5

Interesting! Thanks for your feedback!

Just finished all the endings, and man, I loved every bit of it! One of the first games of yours I discovered was Forgive My Sins, Father so I was really excited to see that you were working on this. It was worth the wait! 

I really enjoyed seeing things through Samael's perspective, the way it was framed felt so emotionally rich but not like in a pretentious way? I know it's darker compared to your other games but I think you really pulled it off. Your writing and characterisation is so good and I literally couldn't stop playing it. I loved the art, sound design, and UI too! 

All in all, thank you so much for blessing us with a high quality, free visual novel like this! I can't wait to see more of your work :)


Your comment made me really happy. I really realllyyyy appreciate it! Thank you very much! <3

It's here! I love all your games. I'm so glad i found you. Thank you for existing <3 <3


Omg, that is so sweet TwT. Thank you <333

For some reason when I try to download the game for mac, it just end up downloaded the window version instead? I've try downloading in the download page and the itch app version but both doesn't work.

Hi! Apologies for the inconvenience, but I had just resolved the issue. It should work now!


It's here!!!!



This might just be a problem for me, but whenever I hover my mouse over the two choices when first meeting the Priest, the game immediately shuts down. I don't really know what's going on?

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not sure about the problem either. my guess is that since the choices are video files, it might be heavy for some systems? But I'm just speculating.

I've been waiting for this game I feel bad that it took you long to make the game and I finished it in one night 😅 anyways I really liked it and the ending when Samael killed the Priest and was wondring why he's not answering was so sick omg 😂 

Don't feel bad! It's alright since it's a 90 minute long game X3 And I'm glad you like it <3

Hats off to you on this game!! It was amazing loved crazy MC keep up the great work!!!!

Thank you very much! <3

You're welcome!!!

LOVE IT SO MUCHHHH the two good endings are so cute ugh 

I'm so happy to hear that you love it! X3 

that ending 😭 Actually, those two endings.. 


Yeah, the two happy endings and the two bad endings are like the complete opposite hehee XDXD


Ah I just got done playing the game, I loved it ^^. I'm looking forward to any other game you make in the future!

Thank you very much! That makes me so happy to hear ^^

well,if it's like the other i think i can play it.This is  Samael'S point of view right? i mean it's the same game but we play has samael? :v Anyway,i'm looking foward to play it,see ya soon.


Yup! It's longer. Darker and psychological than the original, but no other horror elements! XD


ive been waiting so impatiently for this, and rightfully so!

i love your work SO MUCH, you did such an amazing job. thank you for making this <3


Thanks for playing! It means a lot! X3

I haven't done all roads yet but I couldn't help myself but to come here leave a comment... This is far better than my expectations!!! I already was expecting much, but this exceeded! The story is very well-written and it is VERY thrillin and exciting, I felt like watching a movie or a series! It is very interesting to see that there's a lot more to Samael's backstory than we saw on 'Forgive me, father'. I loved it, very very very much!

Awesome and fantastic job!!


Thank you!! That makes me sooo happy to hear TwT


I HAVE SPEEDRUNNED LIFE TO SEE THIS. Wonderful job mate art amazing!


Thank you very much as always X3

im just casually commenting on all your projects since hush little lily came out and all your projects are amazing! glad i found your games randomly!

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Awwwn. That's so sweet. Thank you!

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