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this was so fun to play! I liked how different the endings were, but how Samael still in some way wanted the priest to be in his life. Like even in what seemed like the good ending, it still felt almost like it wasn't and I love that! 10/10! I can't wait to play the spin-off later! I can't wait to compare and see how different things are (in a good way). Anyways, that was really fun and the art was amazing. (I low-key think the characters are hot lol.)

asdfhjkll that makes me so happy to hear! the majority of the people who played preferred the spin-off so I hope you'll like it too X3

This game was very enjoyable! I liked the choices and the endings. It was fun, great job :D 

Thank you!

This game was very fun, and entertaining! i would love to see more endings but im pretty sure it ends here. TIME TO MAKE FAN ART >:)))))

Thanks so much for this wonderful game! 


Ooo then if you haven't seen it yet, there's a spin-off of this game with 4 more endings called Forgive my Desires, Father!!

I actullay just found that game by accenident while looking for more visual novels to play! :)) 


Great game ! I've completed all four ending ! Going to download the spin-off next :)

Thanks! Hope it'll be a better experience!

Wowow the story is so interesting! Spooky and cool characters. And the art is great!!

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Hey, thank you so much! It means a lot. 

This is so awesome!! Thank you for the game <

Thanks! Hope you have a wonderful day 💪❤️

Nice game, I really enjoy it. The story is easy to understand and well written.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Awesome. Thanks for playing~

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Is this sfw?

yes it is! no gore. the most shown is red splatter on a black screen.

So I figured 0ut that I could use the app version to play the game but I was really, really interested in playing. So I just downloaded it and plan to keep it on my desktop. It's really good. Slightly uncomfortable and terrifying in some endings but very good for such a short game. 

I managed to land them all, even the one where the fiancee and Samael stay together (arguably the one which is most terrifying).

Thank you very much! I have to admit that I was going for full uncomfortable vibes with this one XDXD

holy crap this was acrtually really good! I had fun playing it :)

Thank you very much ^^

Yea I’m playing this again it was that good can’t wait for the spin-off!!

I'm glad XD. Thank you very much!

Thank you for this short but entertaining game !

I really liked the originality of the concept.
The art is beautiful and the different scenarios are really well thought out.

Also your game reminds me how much our words have impact. Each word carries weight. We have all gone through difficult times in our lives and it's important to always have good intentions towards everyone because we don't know everyone's story.

The good ending is really satisfying to read !

(My only regret is that I would have liked to see what happens when Samael's obsession with the priest becomes unhealthy 🤭).

Can't wait to read the spin-off <3

Thank you very much! It means a lot! X3

Finally finished this! Looking forward to the sequel, the pure part of me is excited to see the Father's wholesome interactions with Samael while the naughty part of me wants to see Samael corrupt him more >:)

UwU dark and wholesome go hand in hand

AHHHH CHANI!! THIS IS SO GOOD!😍 I'm usually not that into BL games but this concept was so innovative and exciting, I just needed to try it. And, what should I say, I was 2 minutes in and I was already screeching! Although it's short, it serves everything you wish for in a game and Samael's confessions over the time gives just the right amount of tension. PLUS, the art???😍 I can't wait for the sequel😍 You did an amazing job, love! Be proud of yourself💕

Thank you very much X333

I actually really enjoyed this, for how short it is, I really love the concept (Confession to a priest), and it's never been done before, actually. Would love to see a longer version, or maybe spin-offs as well!

Thank you so much! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! It means a lot < 3


whoa,i'm not a big fan of dark games,but hapilly i got the happy endings first.I liked the game a lot,but i was a bit scared of playing it,let's say i have no "horror" resistance.Really thrilling.


Thanks for playing this one too! I really appreciate that you tried it out when you didn't like dark games! Thank you again!


Hapilly this one wasn't scare at all.Maybe the first ending got my heartbeat a bit faster,but since there's not jumpscare ou explicit scenes i really like it Lol.


Heehee. I'm glad XD


You know when I was going for all the endings at one point I was like "I see, so this is the seduce the guy version". And it was. But somehow maybe it's the whole giving up all earthly desires the priest sure seemed surprised he had successfully been seducing someone lol


Hahahaha XD Samael was already obsessed/stalking the priest since the beginning. No seducing needed.X3 I didn't get to go into detail since this was supposed to be short. But I do plan on explaining more in the longer spinoff XD


Loved this! Me and a friend played and had fun squirming whenever Samael opened his mouth. Excited for the spinoff!


Thank you very much! I'm so excited to share the spin-off soon! XDXD

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man, that fiancée of his is the real MVP. esp since there's an ending where their relationship works out in the end.
I enjoyed this, but wish this game was longer. I look forward to more of yr work if you continue to make 'em.

Thank you! I do plan on making a spin-off where there'll be happy endings XDXD

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I like it ^_^ I really do enjoy playing this. I like the art and so the plot <3 sadly, it was short T^T. I'm a fan of Yandere so *COUGH* I like the endings. The one I like the most is the good ending between Samael and his fiancé. I felt happy that I could help them make up their relationship. The second is the 3rd *cough* that yandere look lolol. As for the bgm, oh it just add goosebumps when Samuel look crazy at the menu lol. I wonder if the creator plan to create a new one?

Yes! I'll be making a spin-off where you play as Samael! This time, there will be happy endings where they'll be together!!!


ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ Uwa~ Im looking forward to it <('o'<)

I liked it this's just my style creepy 😂 but it was too short sadly I wished it was a little bit longer 💔

I love creepy styles XD Also, I'm currently making another story about them so it'it'll be longer!!!

Such a good I just had to get all the endings!

Thanks for playing! I'm planning to add a few happy endings in the future! X3

The story was really interesting! Really enjoyed it, hope you'll make more cool stuff like this!

Thank you so much! I will! I'm currently working on a spin-off! X333

Ooh I really enjoyed this! I love how the priest and Samael were written :D Good job!

Thank you very much! It means a lot to me! <33


After I finished this game I was so sad because it was so good, keep up the good work


Thank you very much! I'm currently making a spin-off so there'll be more X3


This was a super creepy game with a very well written story. Can't wait to see what you do next. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you very much! It means a lot!

please i beg you make another game like this😭😭😭

Huhuhuhu don't worry! I just announced a spin-off for this game! Also, in the future, I plan to make more BL visual novels that are either extremely cute or dark XDXD No middle ground! XDXD



Hello! I've seen you around on Twitter :D
I just played this game since the concept looked super interesting and it didn't disappoint, hehe (I got all the endings). I'm looking forward to playing as Samael! I also love the UI, you did a wonderful job with it!!!


Hello! Thank you so much!! I appreciate the nice words! X333

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I've only gotten 2 endings - but this game was a trip from start to finish!! It was really interesting and I am glad I played it.
However, I did want to mention - I think the audio played during confession scenes maybe isn't the best quality. I record my videos with higher volume; I had some serious static noises I could hear with headphones in. I had to turn down the overall game audio for my video. Otherwise, thank you for making this! Sharing my playthrough for those interested: 

I love your video! Also, thanks for the feedback! I will look into that issue!

this reminds me of a certain specific yaoi story but i dont remember the name

Do tell me if you remember the name! Yandere and forbidden love are my favorite tropes, so I would love to read stories similar to this one!


will do !

I really love the innocent aspect of this story as it ramps up depending on your choices. The darker side hits you hard and you feel the emotions immediately! Well done and excited for more. Here's one ending for everyone to explore, Enjoy!

Great video! Hope you get more love and support that you deserve X3


Cool idea. I wish it was longer, with even more options and some erotic CGs...


I'm definitely making another story where you play as Samael and there'll be a happy ending! X33 As for erotic scenes, I haven't done one before so I'm still thinking about it! ^^


This was really fun to play! 

My intention was to finish the game once and then come back later to get the other endings, but I got so curious that I couldn't stop playing! It has a really interesting story, I only wish it was longer because I loved to see the characters interacting.

Excited to see updates for this project, you did an awesome job! =)


Thank you~ Much love <33


oh, my, gosh.

I loved it so much! Since I installed it, I kept playing until I did every single one of the endings. And I loved each one, so interesting! Thanks for releasing such a cool project! I'll look forward for future updates! 💖


Thank you so much! There's definitely going to be another story about those two! X333


will this game have erotic themes?


Nsfw, I'm not so sure. Haven't really decided yet.

But I'm thinking about making another story about playing as Samael where you fight the voices in his head. And your choices can make the priest finally fall in love with him. A happy romantic ending X3


WOOO NEW GAME FROM A CREATOR I LOVE THE WORKS OF- ok now i have a question (the following question might contain spoilers for hush little lily)

is samael the murderer from hush little lily? they look quite similar! incase im wrong about it then my bad- and if its supposed to be revealed in another game, theorized or maybe just supposed to be a secret then just tell me i would understand!


oooh that's an interesting theory! But yeah samael and the murderer both have brown hair and red eyes so I understand the confusion XD. But they are different people XD


of course i only looked at the looks- still cool game ! also is there an option to make it a window or nah? cause when i opened it first it was full screen


Yes! In the options, there is a button called display!


ok thanks mate im looking forward to any new games take your time!


ok im being annoying but a friend of mine which i will call max in the future incase he has any questions for you asked if hush little lily will get another game to explain lilys family etc in the future or nah


Oh no, Hush Little Lily was a game project that I worked on with a writing partner for a jam. But now that the jam is over, I'm doing my own solo projects and they are all BL, unlike Hush Little Lily. My branding is BL. XD


Got all the endings (and, indeed, around half an hour of gameplay... but I all got them on my first tries)! The game was really good! It was pleasing to see how the situation would evolve accordingly to the advice we give. In that regard, the endings and the gameplay have a coherence I appreciate a lot (I think it is also thanks to its intuitivity: I immediately understood what kind of endings you wanted to lead me to, and it was really pleasing)!

The art, too, was really good (CGs, sprites, backgrounds, UI...). A short yet really nice game to play at!!!


Thank youuuuu < 33

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Awwwn I'm so happy to hear that you liked it!  It's nice to know what ending you prefered too XD I like the third ending XDXD

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Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

I forgot how many times I repeated "Yikes" during the game.

Honestly, for such a short game, it's great at dredging up that uncomfortable feeling of having someone overshare with you.

I got the ending where the samael and the fiance stayed together. I love how unsettling it is despite everything seeming fine.

Great game. Expect doodle fanart in the future.


Nicceee. You got the tamest endings XDXD. I really wanted to make the experience uncomfortable and I'm glad it went through X3


I'm curious to play the game but it won't even open on my desktop. It's a Windows 11 HP.

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Oh, I'm so sorry, I haven't updated to windows 11 so I can't test it. But I will try figuring out how to make it work! Apologies for the inconvenience! 


Thank you for your quick response! I'll be patient and wait til then <333

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