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This game was awesome.

Tengo una pregunta, yo hablo español el juego esta completamente en ingles? o tambien te da la opcion de otros idiomas? se que el audio es completamente en ingles pero lo demas? 🥲🥲 disculpe la molestia. 

It's really respectful that you kept out religious figures, this was a beautiful touch <33

I've played a couple of your games before this one, so I was elated to see psychological horror VN by you. And you delivered 😇 I enjoyed reading through all the endings.

It's fun to be put in the role of a priest in a confessional. For my first time playing, I was torn between trying to give honest relationship advice, or holding back and remaining professional. All the endings are spooky in different ways, implying that these issues aren't fully resolved...

I love the game but kinda sad there was no ending that made them be together

There are happy endings where they are together in this one

It seems that this game satisfies my strange hobby ^^

I really love it <33

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How do I access the "Hint" Feature after completing an ending?
Edit: It's a button in the top corner when you re-play!

Played both this and the desires one on steam and got all achievements and omg what a ride that was. Loved it.

Happy to hear it! ^^

This was a nice little visual novel that definitely captures the psychological horror side of things as you slowly see Samael reach his breaking point through the confessionals. All the endings were interesting, and it leaves your audience wanting to find out what happened afterward. The sprites were perfect for conveying what you needed to get across in each scene and still keep it minimal. Great job!

very very interestingg. I liked the music in the background!

It's rare to see a game that explores the journey someone goes through as they begin their descent into madness, and I was just so captivated by the story of Samael and Father Andrew.

I'll leave my review for the spinoff once that video is released, but in Forgive My Sins, Father alone - I was surprised to see how you actually explored what could've possibly driven Samael into committing the acts he could've done.

The story truly is captivating, and eerily true to life. At times, I almost forgot that it was a fictional story unfolding before me, and I just had to see what more there was to the story.

thank you! I really like exploring the human mind- OMG THAT VIDEO TITLE LMAO

I finally got around to playing this game! I love psychological horror and using narrative as a medium on which to explore mental illnesses. I really appreciate that this game is short yet provides enough context to piece together Samael's mental state and the trauma behind it. The game is unsettling as it explores the darker sides of human emotions and misgivings.

I have yet to finish the other game from Samael's POV, but I appreciate that both games exist. While we might judge Samael for his actions as they're presented in this game, there's always another perspective and countless external and internal factors; past, present, and future; that can influence any person's actions. That is to say, it doesn't absolve Samael of his shortcomings. It just provides a foundation on which we can begin to understand where he's coming from.

So as always, I enjoy the diverse themes in all your games, and thank you for making all these amazing games. I will continue to support you within my means.

Thank you very much! I wanted to explore the mind of someone close to their breaking point instead of constanly making light-hearted stories XDXD Glad you enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed it! As his sins got darker, I became more worried. I managed to get the darkest ending first XD Weirdly, I never saw the hints pop up but I got all 4 endings anyway. Thank you for the game! 


ayo I didn't know there was a version where you get to play as the priest let's go

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i am new to this website and don't know how to see what is iPad available or not is this available to iPad ?

nope . Only Mac, android, and pc

aw man 

I really enjoyed it! The writing was really good, got me on the edge of my seat, i literally decided this man's fate lol. I liked the bad endings, they were pretty real. 'o'

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thanks for checking it out!

Very good game but I can't get the last two endings even with the hints if you can try and make the hints easier Bug the name doesn't show in the name box

I'll fix the issue for the android build soon! To get each ending, you have to keep selecting the choices in the same order. For example, if you keep choosing the 3rd choice every time, you'll get the 3rd ending.

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Oh chani I like your vn's so much, they are just way too short and I always want more and more. :(

Tell me if you will make a long visual novel because I would be so happy! (I hope nsfw too - WHAT I DIDN'T SAY IT TRUST ME)


I could try! The reason I make em short is because I have too many small ideas XD. Definitely thinking about something longer in the way future. Same goes for NSFW.

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This game is a very enjoyable visual novel. You play as the priest's pov.

( lol i recommend you to play samael pov now :p )

 I loved how you make some more endings. My favourite ending is the happy/true ending which samael married his wife. I got a bit stressed in this game because of the choices, i- just dont know what to choose. The choices and dialogues are great and well written. Definitely recommend this game :D 

Thank you! It really means a lot! X3

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