Thank You Post + Upcoming Project!!!

Thank you so much for downloading and playing! I'm so grateful for all the sweet comments and ratings! It makes me so pumped to release more cool projects!

I'm actually going to be releasing another one in March called Mixed Feelings: While You Were Away. Please look forward to it! It's also BL! But this time, I wanted to try making angst. It's about choosing between your kind/understanding long-distance boyfriend and your charismatic/playful coworker! The steam page is up so you can check out how the game looks already! Here's the link!

If you can't wait till next month, I'll be releasing the early access version of the game over on my Patreon!

As usual, I'll be regularly updating on my socials!


HJMB for Windows 69 MB
Feb 10, 2022
HJMB for Mac 52 MB
Feb 10, 2022
HJMB for Linux 60 MB
Feb 10, 2022
HJMB for Old Android Phone 55 MB
Feb 10, 2022
HJMB for New Android Phone 55 MB
Feb 10, 2022

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oh no,i'm already so excited that i could scream.Anyway thank you LOl


Hell yea XDXD urrghh so many stuff i wanna spoil XDXD

Ohh... I'm so excited about the new project!!!


I'm increasing the production level so hope it turns out well X3