Thank you so much for playing 'He's Just My Buddy'! 

I got inspired to make this after getting on a random phone call with a friend. And I'm such a sucker for slice of life, so I wanted to relax by making something chill like this story.

I wanna talk about how I came up with the characters. To be honest, I just wanted to make a himbo with glasses. And thus, Iver was bornnn!!!

For Caden, I just wanted to make a chill dude who looks like a bad boy. I happened to be addicted to adding too many piercings on my MCs.

Anyway, do you think a sequel about them would be good or are you satisfied with how the story ended since there isn't much left to uncover?

In this game, the thing I'm proud of the most is the food. I looked at a lot of anime food to make this. TwT. I would like to make more in the future.

Anywayyy, I should talk about some juicy stuff. (sounds weird? akadksahd)

Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been working on.

Long story short, this one is about a short-tempered, anti-social MC who hates these two siblings because everyone else likes them. But one day, he finds out that they are going to become his step-brothers LOLLL I like clichhesss okkkk

For this one, MC and his boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship. Even though they video call each other every day, MC felt lonely since his partner wasn't by his side. One day, he meets this charismatic guy who turns out to be his colleague. Then he started to fall in love with his coworker, but he still has feelings for his current boyfriend.

I won't say much here, but if you're interested in my future projects, you can find out more by checking my socials.  All the links to em should be on this website:

So I plan to release one in March and the other in April.

AHHHH I kept making slice of life fluff TwT (please don't hurt me) Luckily, one of them is angst, so I guess I'm going out of my comfort zone?

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I'm definitely down for a sequel to Caden and Iver. But don't force it if you've no idea for their sequel story. I'm just always a sucker for more best-friend lovers. xD 

I might skip the brothers I'm...really not into the step-brother/step-sister thing. -_-'


I understand XD I was just itching to make some forbidden love. Later it'll be normal tropes again XD

No trouble. I love your games so much, so you do what you want. As I always love to say, to each their own. =D

I'm excited for the other games, especially the one with the brothers XD!!! (I, too, submerge myself in fluff). I really love He's Just My Buddy (probably my fav among all your games solely because of Caden and Iver and their relationship; they're just so sweet but in a candid way <3). 

I'm also interested in a sequel for HJMB, but like you I also don't know what else to add. I only know that I'd like to see more of them.

...maybe something like either of them planning to take the other out on a date? It'd be nice if both Caden and Iver are options to play so we can see Iver's thought process as well... Maybe different options lead to different types of dates/dialogues or something... No bad endings just fluff <3 Idk just a thought feel free to ignore...

Wahahaha I don't enjoy bad endings too XD. All the bad endings I make are so short for that reason lol XD. But thanks for the ideas, I will keep them in mind UwU

oh god,i'm looking foward for the new games.About the sequel i have mixed feeling at all.I mean,i would love one,since the first one was soo sweet.But at same time i don't know what more would have to cover(a pos story maybe?)


Yeah, currently I can't think of a sequel idea, but maybe if inspiration hits one day hmmm. Anyway, I'm super excited to release my upcoming project XDXD