Upcoming Games!

Hope you guys enjoyed Master's Strange Side! It's quite short compared to my other projects because I made this on a whim since I was feeling edgy LOL

Anyway, I want to show you guys my upcoming projects!

First up is comedic BL about a gamer who meets three odd farmers. Filled with friendship and wholesome moments, the story is mainly about their daily life and wacky shenanigans! Check out more about the game here: https://bit.ly/3PWMVor

Next is actually an otome with a self-insert MC! First time trying it out, and I hope you guys will like it! I tried a more cutesy art style with this one. In this story, you play as a nursery school teacher. While taking care of the four kids, you can get closer to their guardians!!!

Lastly, I have yet to release this vacation sequel... I've already mentioned this game before so some of you probably know about this already. 


MastersStrangeSide- for PC 70 MB
Jul 31, 2022
MastersStrangeSide for Mac 35 MB
Jul 31, 2022
MastersStrangeSide for Android 52 MB
Jul 31, 2022

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Interesting about the self-insert mc and how that will work (as I usually am not the self-insert type). And excited for some vacation time with our besties. =D Also, the Odd Farmers looks cute and sounds amusing. ^_^


for me i just made a self-insert MC with no face and personality AHAHHAHA

Ah, cool. So I can just imagine my own oc. =D

oo I feel like I would love Nursery School diaries the most but they all look so good! I'll definitely play all of them when they come out!

thank you!

Looking forward to them! They look so cute and sweet

thank you!