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My name is Liber. I am a puppet who was brought to life by my Master. I like living a lot. Walking is very fun. I like staying with Master... But I wish I could go outside. Out the window, I see green grass and big trees. I would like to touch them, but Master won't let me. I am not allowed to leave our little home...

This is my Master. Master is very nice. Master is very kind. Master is always smiling at me. But Master is very scary when he's angry... 

This is the Inspector. I think he is Master's acquaintance. He is very nice to me whenever he comes to visit. But...I feel like he doesn't like Master that much...

-8.5K words

-2 endings


Mentions of emotional abuse, confinement, manipulation, and self-mutilation.

Credit to Dova Syndrome(https://dova-s.jp/) for Music and Zapsplat(https://www.zapsplat.com/) for Sound Effects.

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Omg  I loved the story and characters so much!  I really like the the way Master was written it made it feel a lot more creepier! Idk if you were aiming for that but either way I enjoyed it 

I Have a question thats completely unrelated to this game, What happened to all the Hexed pet games I was looking though all of your games and noticed that they disappeared. Did you take them down or is it a problem on my end

hey! I unpublished Hexed Pet since I wasn't happy with the quality of the art and script. I do plan on publishing it again after I fix everything!

Oh okay! Thanks for letting me know :)

I loved it! Having a master who's a yandere, strong, and obsessed is a thumbs up from me! It was so nice and satisfying to see how dependent MC is on the Master. Thank you very much for this game!

The warning is a bit misleading to me because you don't show the process of mutilation. I thought I'd be very disturbed, but tried it anyway and it's really not that bad.

Also, screw you 'master' I'm gonna be free! 


Sorry. I find it safer to add those warnings since I've been told that I didn't add enough...


No worries, I understand. Better safe than sorry. 


OwO its here <3


The game is interesting and good! As much as I don't want to disobey master I have to for the second ending🥲😞 but I love the game! Master's kinda scary tho🥲 but I like him! He nice😄


OH my goodness, I love this game the art is great and both of the characters are interesting. However, though Master's end was a bit sad because he had to stay in the house forever it was still a good route and I enjoyed it. the Inspector's route was also good because he got to live outside of the home though he sadly had to hurt his creator. I did like that there were no 'Bad' endings just different endings. Great game!

another fantastic game thank you I really enjoyed it 

thanks for playing!