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When Kyle gets a new job at a fashion company, he meets Vincent Zircon, who happens to be his eccentric boss. Vincent, being quite mischievous, often teases the newcomer, Kyle, causing him to think that his boss is odd. One day, he bumps into his boss after work and is surprised when his superior acts kind and gentle, even offering to buy lunch for him. Kyle starts to wonder if his boss is messing with him again. But after confronting the man about his change in behavior, Kyle realizes that the kind and gentle version of Vincent is actually someone else. Someone named Vernon Zircon, Vincent's twin brother.
As Kyle gets closer to the twin brothers, he finds out that they are estranged. The two are very different individuals with different values, making it hard for them to get along. So what will happen when they both start to develop feelings for the same person...?

The character you are playing as. Kyle is an average employee who just wants a normal job and a normal life.

Vincent is outgoing and playful, but he's serious when it comes to his job. He works hard to maintain his fashion company. He has a bad habit of lashing out at people when he's feeling stressed. Vincent doesn't like relationships within the office. He especially dislikes it if an employee has a crush on him. Due to his busy schedule, he hasn't gotten the time to relax and go out with someone.

Vernon is gentle and considerate of others. After his father retired, Vernon took over the business. Although he is talented when it comes to his job, he isn't passionate about it. Since he feel like his life is empty, he tends to visit a café to escape from it all. Being a CEO of a company, Vernon feels as though he doesn't have a genuine connection with anyone. He just wants a real friend.

- Around 30K Words (2-3 Hours Playtime)
- 3 Endings (Neutral Ending, Vincent's Ending, Vernon's Ending)

Script, Art, UI, Music, Programming by ChaniMK

Edited by Zelan

Sound FX from Zapsplat(https://www.zapsplat.com/

Upcoming game that I'm working on! Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2639770/Bad_Guys_Good_Boys__BL/

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours


Get this game and 488 more for $60.00 USD
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really fun! I really wished it went the poly route since there was banter between the 3 of them during the dinner but I understand that the twins being related made that uncomfy for the dev

hello i hope chaniMK will see this comment, if someone can help me i'd be glad too. I wanted to dowlaod "Those Darn Brothers" again but it's not available anymore..😭. Could someone send me the game on my mail ? I really want to play this masterpiece again !!

Hey! I just unlisted it because of the age gap.  If you want to access it, just go to this link: https://chanimk.itch.io/those-darn-brothers and the password is thosedarnbrothers

how do you do the game, i mean what do you use to paint characters or make the game in total? i am planning to make my own and you inspire me


So I use clip studio paint to draw the characters. I just use it because I like the brushes, but if you don't want to pay for the software, I recommend Krita. It's free, and it works great! I use renpy for making the game. It doesn't require that much programming knowlege and the base visual novel interface is already there, so it's really good! It's also free!

Can't wait to play! 🤩




Putting myself in the twins' shoes, I can't imagine sharing a lover with my brother so there's only a neutral friendship ending. Sorry TwT



I had so much fun playing this one, I gotta say! You really put a lot of heart tot his one because I WAS FEELING IT.

And i'm really happy with how you handled the characters and their personalities. Well done! XD

I hope to see more of your work :D

Thanks for playing it! You're too kind with your words. I really really appreciate it! ^^

(1 edit)

This game has a really sleek and smooth UI, i LOVE IT! So quick and easy to use. The music is also very catchy. Nice game :)

Love how the characters blink and how the camera zooms, and the story is nice and cute. This is a very high quality for a free game.

Thank you for Vernon and Vincent's stories. They were really relatable. It is a shame that the father put them through so much trauma and was very rewarding to see them repair their relationship over the course of the game.


Thank you for playing! I'm glad it shows that I put a lot of effort into it! Can I ask which twin you ended up choosing?

No problem! Honestly... I was leaning more towards Vernon, but I got the neutral ending. I found it really hard to prioritise one twin over the other XD I just wanted to see both happy. However, Vincent's backstory felt really relatable. He was a bit mean for my liking at times though but both are likeable

took me a while to realise jamie is a dude lol


Did they ever mention that? I kinda assumed they were nonbinary.


mayhaps,  but Jamie was referred to as "he" at least once, thats how i came to that conclusion.


Oh, was it? They were supposed to be nonbinary, so I made a mistake. I'll fix it right away! Sorry about that!


Knew it! Yay Chani for being inclusive! 


This looks really cute!


I hope you like it!

Thank you

(1 edit) (+5)

I'm holding off a full review since I literally just started, but I had to mention the irony. The same day I watched a YouTube video about whether or not breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day is the same day I play this. Vincent claiming that made me smirk.

Also, I'm surprised this one's free. Either way, you'd have me going "shut up and take my money" but it's still nice to save a few bucks. 


Finished! While the confusing the twins part is a bit cliche, I'm glad it wasn't the basis for the whole game. As always, so glad there's no sexual tension~ Love both brothers and kinda wish you could date both. Like they said, they each have different qualities, but since we have Prince/Villain (and it's sequel) it's fine that it's one-or-the-other. 

Normally I prefer the mischievous character but this time I liked Vernon more. He wasn't overly nice or doting. Those characters generally make me uncomfortable, my first thought is "what do you want?" 

Vincent was perhaps a bit too douchey for my taste, but it's literally in the title so... Lol.

Overall, a bit mixed for me. Love your artwork, the MC was relatable to me, side characters were adorable. When I saw you could mention cute and bubbly at the dinner, I thought "Is Jamie an option?" I picked it literally to see the twins' disappointed faces... I'm evil like that, tee hee~ If anything, I'm glad you spend most of the time with Vernon cause Vincent just annoyed me, even if I knew why he was acting that way.

Anyways, looking forward to upcoming games! Seriously, I'll reiterate what someone else asked... Do you sleep? xD


LMAO it was hard to not be biased ASDFGHJKL

It's free because it's been a long while since I made a free game with a decent word count. If I thought about monetizing all the time, I feel like I'd become that gollum who always says MY PRECIOUS XD

Glad you enjoyed this one!

PS: DW I'm sleeping and relaxing a lot!


It also helps that more people can experience the charm of your games if they're free. Once I played the free ones, I didn't bat an eye at paying a few bucks for them. I've even wound up buying on Steam separately at times just to help you out because I love your games so much. 

That's very kind of you! Although I appreciate your generosity, please do save up instead since inflation is getting worse!


honestly feels like you've made 12 games in like 6 months .do you sleep?


probably not tbh.


LMAO I do XD It's the simping power that's causing me to pump out these games quickly.