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My Nemesis and Hero is a slice of life BL filled with fluff. Super duper light-hearted unlike Forgive my SIns/Desires, Father.......

As usual, I did everything by myself, except for music and sounds. I downloaded them from Zapsplat and Dova Syndrome. This time, I worked with an editor. A lovely person who I'm grateful for. From now on, I'll be getting help from editors. (Because I can finally pay and hire folks now lol)

So this game has a lot of assets. 17 BGs, 18 CGs, and 10 sprites. It might not seem like much, but drawing them all by myself within a month is uhhh...  wild.

I'm not spoiling the CGs, but here are the BGs and Sprites.

Some of these backgrounds are only used for short date scenes. So, was it worth it to make them? Yes, definitely. I like picking date locations :3.

You might notice three eyeless sprites. If I give them eyes, I might get attached soooooo


Initially, this game was only about Kai and Gavin. A typical enemies-to-lovers story.  Percy wasn't supposed to exist. I just added him after thinking about him in the shower one day. Thank god I took a shower that evening because I love Percy TwT.


Since my latest release was commercial, the game I'm planning to release next month will be free. But if you still want to play My Nemesis and Hero, I'll be holding giveaways in the future over on my Twitter.

Here's a look at the free game I'm releasing on Feb. It's a slice of life about two friends who don't realize their feelings for each other.

So, you have to play as the matchmaker. If you set the LI up with someone he's compatible with, they'll go on a date, leaving the protagonist with nobody to love : (. But if you set the LI up with someone he isn't compatible with, the date won't work out and he'll continue spending time with the protagonist until they both realize their feelings for each other.

If you can't wait till Feb, then you can play it for 5 bucks over on my Patreon. Before you throw money at me, I want to remind you that this game will be Free. But if you do wanna throw money at me, I appreciate the support! <3

P.S: Currently, I'm working on a game that I'll be releasing in March. It's a bittersweet story and I'm posting early spoilers on my Patreon.


MyNemesisAndHero for New Android Phone 99 MB
Jan 09, 2022
MyNemesisAndHero for Old Android Phone 100 MB
Jan 09, 2022
MNAH_DEMO for Win 110 MB
Jan 10, 2022
MNAH_DEMO for Mac 94 MB
Jan 10, 2022
MyNemesisAndHero for Windows 112 MB
Jan 10, 2022
MyNemesisAndHero for Mac 95 MB
Jan 10, 2022
MyNemesisAndHero for Linux 103 MB
Jan 10, 2022

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YAY!  I both can't and can wait for your upcoming games!  I played the first one on Steam and this is actually a game that made me want to play BL games, so thanks!  ^-^

I really like the fluffy nature of them...  Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much! Will do!💪❤️