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First of all, I would like to thank you all for buying my games! Your support means a lot since it helps me to continue making games! If you didn't buy the game, it's fine since I'll be doing giveaways on twitter. Do keep a lookout for that if you're interested! Because of the global situation, however, I will still be making free games in the future! 

Anyway, I want to talk about why Odd Guy meets Odd farmers is my favorite game to make so far. Since it focuses more on friendship than romance, I knew most people wouldn't like it. But honestly, I like it since I feel less interested in romance. Maybe because I keep pumping out BL games nonstop all my romantic energy is gone ADFGHJKL. Odd Guy Meets Odd Farmers has a lot of comedy, and I really hope you guys like my humor. It's very childish...I admit... This game means a lot to me because sitting in front of the computer all day got me to fantasize more and more about living in a rural setting. Nowadays, we can't really run around the fields and go on an adventure with friends. It's just video calls, texting, and hanging out at shopping malls. You can say that I want a  more simple life. I would love to become a farmer, but I hate insects, so I guess I'm going to be stuck in the city... If you have any opinions about the game, I hope I can read your thoughts in the comments!

Have some cover art!


OddGuyMeetsOddFarmers for PC 163 MB
Sep 09, 2022
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Sep 09, 2022
OddGuyMeetsOddFarmers for Mac 128 MB
Sep 09, 2022

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true friendship is very refreshing. maybe make a few more 'just friends' games? straight or gay,people don't always need to date right?

Would love to but the majority prefers romance over friendship so fewer people would play TwT

Very nice cartton style graphics. MAybe to anime style close

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I really enjoyed this game and I loved the humor and the quirks of the boys. But listen, if you need to take a break, don't hesitate. I love your games, but I wouldn't want you to push yourself to the point you stop enjoying what you are doing. Anyway, thank you for what you DO do. ^_^

As for my favorite so far...A Pact With Me is my top fave. But that's cause it scratches my itch for demons, bl, and semi-evilness. But I really also loved frickin Archie in Odd Guy Meets Odd Farmers to. xD

Thank you so much! I hope you take care as well!

I never even thought about making the MC based on your own likes and dislikes! I really loved the humour in this game and I probably cackled like a witch while playing. I often play your games when I've got some time and I tend to force my friends to play with me as well.

I think Those Darn Brothers is one of my favourites from your collection, simply because I don't read a lot of your descriptions (keeps the surprise in the game) and I had no idea what was going to happen next. I could make the assumptions but I was either completely wrong or painfully right. It was so much fun to play!

I can't wait to keep playing your games!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

I love your games and your humor. He's Just My Buddy! is my favorite at the moment. I will definitely buy your games as soon as I can afford a few bucks. ;)


That's fine! I'm just really glad that you like those games XD


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: P