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Ten (Renamable MC) has the ability to see other people's soulmates after he was chosen to be the cupid's vessel. He is tasked to help bring couples together. But there is just one problem... Ten couldn't care less about other people's relationships. He only cares about his own love life.

One day, Ten finds out that his crush and rival are soulmates who are meant to be! What will he do? Be jealous or bring them together? Being the cupid's vessel, Ten can change the outcome of people's relationships. In order to pursue a love interest and date them, he must first prevent them from ending up with their soulmate. So what will he do?

Renamable MC
Personality: Nonchalant, Self-Centered
Club: None
Soulmate Unknown

Love Interest 1
Personality: Kind, Polite
Club: Art
Soulmate: Kido

Love Interest 2
Personality: Reserved, Caring
Club: Track & Field
Soulmate: Luan

Love Interest 3
Personality: Cheeky, Flirtatious
Club: Drama
Soulmate: Unknown

Love Interest 4
Personality: Cheery, High-Spirited
Club: Photography
Soulmate: Unknown

Raise Stats
Raising different stats is necessary in order to attend various club events!

Join Clubs
Ten can join 7 different clubs after school. Encountering club events will affect the relationships of his classmates.

Go on Dates
After exchanging numbers with the love interests, Ten will be able to bring them on dates!

Help Classmates
As the cupid's vessel, Ten has to help his classmates find love.

-More than 60K Words (4-6 Hours Playtime)
-5 Endings
-21 CGs

Edited by Taylor Morphis

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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i shouldnt be playing this with a headache ;-;.

Oh I hope you feel better soon!


5 usd might be cheap, but coming from a third world country like me, it's a 2 days worth of food for a student with no part-time job. It was an impulse buy, and I should've plan better. But now that I've bought it, I'll savor this game T_T

Yes! I'm aware of that. That's why I make my games cheap with the amount of work I put in. I also make a lot of free games for that reason as well. I don't get much sales because I'm a small creator, and I spend hundreds of dollars on editing, so I think I need to sell something in order to recoup the costs. I lose money when I make free games. I hope you understand why I have to monetize some games! ^^


Oh no, please don't take it as me complaining. It does sound like that but I meant it in a complimenting way...? I don't know how to describe it myself since english isn't my native language lol. But what I actually wanted to imply was, buying this game was worth it even though it was expensive(for me) because your games are always really good. I especially like the variety of characters you make each game. It was worth splurging two days worth of food on for a satisfying game. As an artist and a coder myself, I know more than anyone the amount of resources(especially the hours)taken to make every single game and I could only imagine the ton of losses you experienced with how frequently you make your game free. I was putting the wrong emphasis in my comment and accidentally made it sound as if I'm angry at the price you set the game for. Even reading the comment again, it's clearly lost in translation. I hope you weren't taken down by comment :'(

Oh, I just felt  sad that you'd spend money on the game instead of food. It made me worry about you, and I started to feel guilty TwT Please save if you can. I hold large sales frequently so the price will be cut down then. Thank you for elaborating!


okay so I just bought it on steam and just like all your other games i'm in LOVEE with everything, I loved all the endings and the characters so much! I also had a good laugh at how cute Eros is, it was totally worth the money i love how much your games have improved.


Thank you so much!  I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I hope to keep on improving! ^^


Love the concept, Kido is my favorite (enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes).

I wanna replay the first half to see what happens when you encourage couples against their soulmates cause I played it like a good little cupid and saved the second half to switch LIs easily.

LI 4 (avoiding name spoilers) was my first, since I tend to play in least favorite to favorite; turned out I should've saved him for second to last but oh well. He's so sweet. 

I totally called Cy's soulmate long before it was revealed. Same with Kido and Luan (I honestly didn't read the page, I just went "OMG NEW GAME *BUY*"). 

It's a little grindy and the mini game is a little difficult on Android because it's a bit fast, but I understand the link between stats and the next club level. At least that skip button makes it a little easier to deal with the repeated scenes.

Thanks again for the gallery! It makes me smile. 

I'm not sure when you downloaded the game, but the newer version should have a slower icon for the minigame. ^^ Hope the routes were easy to achieve? Anyway, thank you so much as always.

I downloaded it on Sept 21, so maybe its been updated since.

And yeah, getting a route was simple. I wasn't sure how hard LI 4's would be because the necessary goals seemed hefty at first, but it was really simple if you're a good little cupid lol.

I actually sabotaged both couples in my pursuit of Cy, because I wanted to easily switch to Kido afterwards. Easy peasy. Seemed like it'd be pretty easy to get almost everyone available in one playthrough and just save right before the confessions. 

I'm so glad to hear it! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! 

I realize there might be people who'd feel guilty about sabotaging soulmates so LI4 exists for good little cupids XD


Currently working my way through this game and I just wanted to say that Eros is absolutely adorable. I would do anything for those big chibi eyes. 

The writing is fun and you really understand how to get a nosy person's attention 😆


It truly is a game for nosy people who like to meddle in others' relationships (me included) XD

ooo I like the looks of this. is it the full game or just demo for now?


it's a full game with 4-6 hours playtime depending on how fast you read 60K words ^^

awesome :D


Looks good, definitely adding to my wishlist


Game look good!  Game get!  Game enjoyed!

(I own this game on Steam, not here just yet, so I spent my efforts there, but I will leave a comment here regardless...  Because it's well deserved and people already should know what to expect.  XD)

I am talking about the charming STORY.  The adorable CHARACTERS and that one CREATURE (I know what he is, I am not spoiling it) and HOURS OF FUN figuring stuff out.


Hey! I'm really glad that you found it fun ^^