What are your thoughts about me making yuri and other genres?

So a few days ago, I published a yuri drama story, which is the complete opposite of my usual light-hearted BLs. I would like to know if you guys liked it or even checked it out. Since yuri isn't my branding, the game had less views and downloads like I'd expected. What I want to know is that if you guys are more open to me making otome, yuri, or galge.  Of course I want to continue making BL, but there are some days when I want to try something different. Don't worry, even if I make some other genre, I'll still continue to publish a couple of BLs per year.

Also, I made up my mind that I'd only make 1 serious drama story a year at most. The rest of the year will be happy times with light-hearted stuff.


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It would be really cool to play an otome made by you!
Anyway what matters the most is if you enjoy making the game. ^__^


There's an otome that I've been planning as a tribute for a friend and it's about deliquents running a cat cafe together ^^ Not sure when I'll end up finishing it tho XD

A cat cafe! =^__^= Looking forward to it.

it's ok if its you......*blush*


*bluuushhhhh* x2

Personally, I'd love to have more WLW content, but not otome or any other hetero genre, as they always were and will be the majority of VN, and I followed you specifically cause I could feel inclusivity with BL games that aren't made for fujioshi's perverted imagination (where all matered was sex)


AwesomeXD I'm excited to create more WLW content so it makes me glad that there's someone who'd like it!


Hi ChaniMK,

Personally, I'm only interested in your BL stories.  However, as a creator, you must pursue what you enjoy and what inspires you.  I'm sure people who enjoy other genres will be delighted to find your other stories, and you will build a greater audience with time.  Good luck with your future endeavours, you have an obvious talent, and I look forward to your future BL stories.


Thank you for being so transparent! I appreciate it! I will definitely be releasing more BLs even if I were to make other genres! That's a promise!


I haven't tried it due to how busy I've become recently, but I'm excited to finally find time to play through it. While I usually play more BLs/yaoi, I'm not opposed to GL's/yuri but I just haven't been able to find very many well-written ones.

I also have no problem with serious drama, but I also like lighthearted equally as much. Sometimes you just really want angst and sometimes you just want fluff! I think most of your dedicated fans, including me, just want you to create the types of stories and games you enjoy, because passion shows.


Thank you so much for your input!  I guess it's in our nature to crave angst from time to time haha XD Even though I want to explore other genres, light-hearted BL always have a soft spot in my heart ^^

I haven't tried it personally, I just have a difficult time getting into most yuri content. I kinda have to be in the mood to give it a shot.

However, I have no issue with you trying out other genres if that's what you wanna do. Despite being an otome, I checked out Rapscallions and ended up really enjoying it-- In part because the MC wasn't super effeminate (I was born female but relate more to men and prefer male pronouns), but the story was just so cute. I was surprised because isekai stories aren't usually my thing. 

As for the more serious subject matter, that's also not something that would put me off. I love light hearted games but I thoroughly enjoy more serious dramas and mysteries too. My favorite movie genre is horror.

Like another said, I also generally prefer games with multiple endings, BUT I literally just played a kinetic VN yesterday and enjoyed it. 

Since you're explicitly asking for feedback, I will go ahead and play this one to give a more in-depth review. 

I don't think you need to worry so much about how your games are received though. The art is charming, the stories are enjoyable, and if you want to make it then you should. 

There's no need to force yourself to check it out. I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea ^^ Thank you so much for your input. It helps me to understand what everyone prefers! 

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I did play it, it was short enough. 

Naturally the story is charming even if both characters are women. I like their personalities and backstories even if it's not my preferred coupling. I can imagine it being difficult to write those backstories for males.

But yeah, I'm cool with whatever you make, even if I pass based on the subject matter sometimes. It would certainly expand your fanbase if you do more than just BL. Nobody can fault you for that, especially if you simply want to make those games. 

(Because spoilers, I put this at the bottom)

The twist I saw from a mile away, but there were many hints. I feel more sorry for Cynthia's father honestly, because she can never take back what she said and he has to live with the guilt of pushing his daughter away and thinking she left while hating him. Meanwhile, since she still regrets her last words, she and Lynette can stay together. Unless her disappearing at the end was meat to symbolize her moving on. 

Yeah, that story wouldn't really worked well if it was about two boys TT Thanks for checking it out anyway! You're the first person to tell me that you saw the plot twist XD I still want to focus on making BL because it's such a niche little community that I like being in.

Well, I mean... the signs were all there. Being able to touch ghosts was a big one, then not being tired or thirsty/hungry after staying up all night? Yeah...

I totally getcha. I love that you make so many BL games. Forgive my Desires is still my favorite, with Mixed Feelings being a close second. 

Honestly your games let me live out my gay little fantasies, and have helped cement my 'types'. I also love that you don't shy away from polyamory, or imperfections. Your games normally just feel so realistic and not like fairytales. 

I always feel like there aren't enough gay games with actual humans (the majority on itch are furry... I don't dislike them, but I gotta be in the mood). And the ones that do focus on humans are almost always focused more on sex than the relationship aspect. I prefer when sex is a secondary or even tertiary motivation for people. Plus, making the characters likeable and relatable... I swear most MCs are just dull nobodies that are walking sex dolls for everyone else in the game. Usually the models/art used are even generic. 

Honestly, I kinda feel the same. I'm glad that asexuality is becoming more common and accepted because I also want stories to focus on sex less. There was this great ebook that I bought and I loved the first half because it was about the two main characters building a meaningful connection turning from enemies to lovers. Then the other half of the book is just sex over and over again and it hurts my soul because the story was amazing before they kept shoving sex scenes in my face.

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I didn't download it because of the drama genre, but if it was a light-hearted GL then I'd try it for sure!

Edit: of course, this doesn't have to condition what you create, I think it's more important that you enjoy creating what you want and, with time, the game will find its recipient group, if that makes sense.


Thanks for your input! At first I was starting to have doubts about making another yuri project but since it's light-hearted, I think it might work out ^^

Then I can't wait! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–


I didn't end up checking it out, but that's mainly bc I'm not a huge fan of sad/heavy stories. Also, it only had one ending which I personally tend to play those less, I like it when I can affect a story, my decisions hold weight and have consequences (even if it's a mild one like the RO didn't fall for the MC). But if you kept making similar games I don't think it would take long for one to pull me in.


I understand ^^ This is my first linear project because I wanted to try something more cinematic . Hopefully, in the future, there will be other projects that suit your tastes!


I think its awesome

awesome! ^^


I support you all the way! Please make what you want to make. <3


thank you very much! ^^