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Being loved can feel suffocating

After getting into an argument with her father,  Cynthia seeks solace in her childhood home that she believes is now abandoned. There, she meets Lynette, the daughter of the current owner of the house. The two bond over their overbearing parents, but their bond is soon tested when Cynthia realizes the house is haunted by none other than the ghost of Lynette's mother. 

-11K words (30-60 minutes playtime)

-Linear story with only one ending

-No choices, but there are point-and-click elements



Depictions of munchausen syndrome by proxy, blood, and death


Made for the Spooktober Jam 2023


Team members:

ChaniMK: Story, Art, Programming, Music

Taylor Morphis: Editing

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dark, Ghosts, Horror, Lesbian, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour


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(Copied from my Spooktober game jam review to help this game with Itch.io's algorithm!)

Woah, I was not expecting that end twist! You really threw me for a loop there. 

Other than that though - I enjoyed the camerawork in this visual novel. It helped keep things interesting as the story went on. The candid portrayal of Munchausen's syndrome is pretty disturbing too.

Thanks for making this work!


Thank you for reading ^^

hi, can I do a playthrough or just upload your game on YouTube I link your page of the game in the video.

As long as it contains commentary and it's fair use, then be my guest and go ahead ^^


The title really does say it all quite succinctly...

This was a heartfelt, almost somber tale, with a really good twist and a painful gut punch of an ending, well done!

Thank you for reading the story! ^^

I like the art a whole lot.


Mother truly didn't know best akbgsdkgb.

Aaaaahh, this was sweet but so sad and tragic too T__T I feel really bad for Cynthia and Lynette. The twist at the end broke my heart.

This was a beautiful bittersweet story with very pretty art. Great work!! <3


thank you so much for checking it out! I appreciate it very much ^^


i am absolutely devasted. started smiling and ended up crying. with a very smart narrative and plot twist, this game is wonderful, very sensitive. stunning visuals (wich i loved very very much especially the animation) and notable effort. i love this, 10/10.


thank you for your kind feedback! ^^


(2 edits) (+1)

This is such a great Spooktober VN entry that got everything you could ask for in the spooky season with the right balances and cohesiveness! It got the cute moments and sweet romance, interspersed with tragedy and heavier serious topics like abuse by parent, and surprisingly suspenseful moments that are straight out of the horror genre.

The sprites and CGs look very good with the face animations and cinematic camera movements. The creepy SFX and panning when traversing the house are very much appreciated as a horror movie fan (staircase scene is so tense).

I absolutely enjoy the theme of how ghosts and regrets are portrayed - I won't say more about this because it's better left for players to experience it on their own - which makes for a touching tearjerker of a ride. 


Thank you so much for playing! I get jumpscared easily so I think the project ended being more tame than most spooky games. It makes me happy to hear that you find it suspenseful ^^


Ooh, I loved this one! It had a lot of twists I didn't expect (especially the twist at the end), and it was actually surprisingly sad... It dealt with obsessive familial love in an interesting way, and I like how none of the characters were ever protrayed as being one dimensional villains even if they do some pretty awful things. It all felt pretty nuanced.

Also, the character designs are adorable! I love Lynette's frilly dress, but I especially love Cynthia's cat hat! They're both incredibly cute!

The music was nice in this one too, it was very atmospheric. There was some nice attention to detail with all of the camera movements too, and the CGs w/ animated lip flaps.

I also liked the UI, how it kind of looks like something from a TV? The skip icon ties into it well too, it looks very cohesive!

Overall, I think you did a great job! It's one of my fav VNs by you I've read! You're good at writing fluffy BL, but you're also very good at writing sad ghost girl yuri!

Thank you for creating it and sharing it!

Thank you so much for the detailed review! x3


Sorry ChaniMK, I think you mean 30-60 minutes of playtime rather than 30-60 hours.

Thanks for all your lovely stories.


OMG thank you so much for pointing that out!!!

-pets- so cute