Postmortem (Forgive my Sin, Father)

Hi, I hope you all enjoyed 'Forgive my Sins, Father'! If you haven't played it yet, do check it out! I'm very proud of how it came out! This visual novel is quite dark compared to the Hexed Pets series (if you are unfamiliar with the series, it's fluff and comedy).

I'm planning to make my branding either extremely cute or extremely creepy, but mainly BL nonetheless! 

How I came up with Forgive my Sins, Father:

At that time, I finished my jam project 'Hush Little Lily' and was thinking about the psychopathic murderer from the game. So my mind was lingering on him for quite a while. Then my youtube playlist decided to play Mirai Nikki Opening and I thought "I should make a yandere game!" Then talking to a friend about priests in fiction gave me an idea. Then it all added up, a yandere, a priest, and the confessional room. And that's how the game was born! It was an impulsive decision to work on this game because, at the time, I was already starting my main project. I will tell you more about my main project down below!


There's a possibility of me making another story between Samael and the Priest, because I made an annoucenment on Twitter that I would if the game reaches a certain goal. Looks like that goal will be hit XD. For this story, you will play as Samael this time, trying to get the priest to like you. In Forgive my Sins, Father, Samael's love was never reciprocated. So in this new story, you can make it happen! The ship will be canon! Make them fall in love! Yay! Happy ending!


Samael kinda looks like Micah from Hexed Pet a little bit, doesn't he? Well, I'm quite fond of that hairstyle! He has a fiance so he's wearing an engagement ring. Although you can't see it on his sprite, you can see it on his ring finger in the confessional room. As for the priest I just wanted to make him pretty and gentle. I like gentle and mature characters. : )

Future Plans/Project:

Currently, my main project it's called 'My Nemesis and Hero'! It's a romantic comedy about a love triangle! I plan to make it as cute and funny as possible, perfect for a laugh after a long tiring day! I hope you will look forward to it! I already showed some progress on my socials but I will be talking more about it in the coming days. There are a lot of big things planned for this VN! It's an ambitious project that will be even more polished than Hexed Pet! Also, I might get distracted and work on a side project so there might be many more games to come lol XD


ForgiveMySinsFather for Windows 39 MB
Nov 05, 2021
ForgiveMySinsFather for Mac 37 MB
Nov 05, 2021
ForgiveMySinsFather for Linux 44 MB
Nov 05, 2021
ForgiveMySinsFather for New Android (Phone) 41 MB
Nov 05, 2021
ForgiveMySinsFather for Old Android (Phone) 41 MB
Nov 05, 2021

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I just finish the game, I would love a sequel. It was strangely for a horror game kinda sweet. I woul love to see the priest fall for Samael 

Yes! The new story will be even sweeter with multiple happy endings! X33

oh. a horror video game o.o. it is exciting.

Yeah! I wanted to try adding a yandere in a BL and make it creepy XD