Spin-Off Coming Soon! + Minor Fixes

First off, I would just like to thank everyone for the lovely comments and feedback! I appreciate it! Also, you have my thanks for reporting small grammar mistakes, since they tend to fly under my radar. (Or I'm just an impatient proofreader Wahahahaha.) 

Anyway, time for some juicy reveals! The Spin-Off is coming soon! In fact, it's coming this month, a week before Christmas! So I hope you can enjoy the game during your holiday!

The original was pretty short, but the spin-off will be 3 times longer. Definitely gonna have more content huhuhuhu.

There will also be 4 different endings. Two happy ones, and two... not so happy ones.... But nonetheless, I made it easy to achieve each and every one!

I gave Samael a new outfit, for when he's at home. And I gave the priest a casual outfit. Also, his name will finally be revealed!

Then I made new character sprites and backgrounds. I have to mention that I got pretty carried away with the story that I ended u[p making 9 CGs, so I hope you'll look forward to them!

That's about all I'm going to spoil!

If you want to support me, check out my website! https://chanimk19.wixsite.com/chanimk

Also, I am going to release a new BL visual novel on steam soon, so you can go check it out! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1828740/My_Nemesis_and_Hero__A_BL_Dating_Sim/ Wishlisting would help me out a lot, but it's fine if you don't want to. I already appreciate that you're reading this post!

 See ya'll when the spin-off releases!


ForgiveMySIns for Old Android Version (Phone) 41 MB
Dec 02, 2021
ForgiveMySins for New Android Versions (Phone) 41 MB
Dec 02, 2021
ForgiveMySins for Linux 44 MB
Dec 02, 2021
ForgiveMySins for Mac 37 MB
Dec 02, 2021
ForgiveMySins for Windows 39 MB
Dec 02, 2021

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i have come back to visit games in my "amazing" list and i found this, FINALLY SOMETHING ELSE TO GET EXCITED ABOUT EXCEPT FOR CHRISTMAS- take your time even if it comes out after christmas its fine as long as you dont overwork yourself or think you need to entertain us all, we are patient and only want the best for you and your games!

Thank you very much! That is so sweet! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

happy  early christmas buddy dont let the christmas bugs bite!

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whoaaa,i'm so looking foward to it,you can count with me playing this one too.See ya soon.looks like the steam Vn isn't available in my region,that's a bummer ;-;

Oh that's a shame. But I'll be releasing on itch too so it's fine X33. Thanks for checking it out anyway <333

BTW. Is it alright to ask which region you live in? I'm curious to know why it's not available in your region

I'm from Brazil Lol,to be more precise ,in the southeast part..I'm looking foward to it here then .


Ohhh no wonderrr. Brazil is quite strict with steam games TwT.