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Kai's relationship with Percy and Gavin feels shaky after being away from them for three years to study abroad. The two of them are now closer with one another, making Kai feel distant and left out at times. One day, a charismatic man named Lance appears into his life. Oblivious of Lance's feelings toward him, he befriends the man. Everyday, Lance would whisper things into his ear, causing him to doubt his current relationship even more. Is Lance a charming Prince who's meant for Kai, or is he a Villain who wants to ruin a relationship and keep Kai all to himself?

Contains Polyamory

This story takes place four years after My Nemesis and Hero

After studying abroad at a culinary school for three years, Kai starts work as a patissier. Since he barely has the time to spend with Percy and Gavin, he worries that they might stop liking him, which makes him feel insecure and unworthy.

A fitness instructor who's popular for his good looks. He's dedicated to staying fit and healthy, but he likes to indulge himself with some sweets every now and then. 

A dentist-in-training. When he's not fooling around, he's studying and working hard. Despite being cautious of his teeth's health, he occasionally likes to eat sweets.

A famous model who loves sweets. He tends to sneak away from his busy schedule to buy desserts from Kai. He's very flirtatious, but Kai's oblivious to that.

- Around 35K words (3 Hours Playtime)

- 15 CGs

- 2 Endings

- Simple Mini-games

Editor:  Taylor Morphis

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Cute, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Slice Of Life, Yaoi


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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percy and gavin can have each other*throws them away* i all lance

Oooh I love My Nemesis and Hero, I didn't know we were getting a sequel! So excited to get this one! :)

Lovely game! Bought soon after I finished the first one recently! Gavin and Percy, my beloveds <3 I tried my best to juggle my attention between them both, they all deserve it. And sorry but Lance can get the heck out of here, I ain't baking an extra pastry for you. 

I found some typos and took some screenshots of them. Is there any place I can send/report them?

You can report them here or dm on insta or twitter. Anything is fine ^^ I appreciate the help.

Alright, here they go!

The first one... I think it's self explanatory

The second one, the "Percy aor Gavin" has an extra 'a', I believe

And the third one, the "Gavin in Percy" I think it was supposed to be "Gavin and Percy"

And that's it from what I could find!

(1 edit)

I appreciate it! ^^ Thank you!

i absolutely loved this game. My Nemesis and Hero was the first game of yours that ive played and sense then ive been addicted to your games and art style so i was extremely excited when i saw you were making a sequel of My Nemesis and Hero. keep up the great work this game was definitely a 10/10 :]


Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot ^^ I hope you have a good day!

(1 edit) (+1)

Loved it! God I love these three. And unlike Kai, I could happily watch Gavin and Percy flirt all day with each other, then me. ^_~

Sadly, Lance never stood a...well...chance. He might be cute, but his manipulations made him more villain then prince to me. Plus, who could say no to the wonder cooking twins, Gavin and Percy. xD

Also, welcome to the ace spectrum, Kaelie. You're not broken. I understand. *pats head, then gets swatted at*


LOL the long grey hair wasn't enough to convince you XD 


Lol. Well, certainly cute. But personality always wins the day in the end. =P

I bought this game on the team. This game is DLC of my nemesis and hero and it is included in the game. I already bought the game but I don't know how to run it. Let me know! 😭

(1 edit)

You can directly visit the DLC page and click play! It's considered a seperate game so you can't run it through My Nemesis and Hero. Let me know if it works or not! If it doesn't, then I can provide an itch.io key for you!


Hey! I realized that I made a big mistake on Steam and it's finally fixed. The game should now be accessible, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience TT


Awww poor Lance!

I'm sorry, you're so sweet but I love Gavin so much! Besides, my life would suck if I dated a popular celebrity. Zero privacy, eugh.

Great game even if the endings are a little sad. Seriously, as soon as I saw a new game went up, I had to get it. Honestly, I'm wondering if I'm your biggest fan lol. 

Possible spoilers below... 






I kept thinking the throuple should get together (now that Kai is back) and find a new apartment where they could get a king size bed to fit them all. I imagine Kai being cuddled from both sides. Gavin hugging from behind and Percy hugging from the front, it sounds so cute. 

I had two thoughts. The first was how nice it'd be to see a Percy/Gavin sequel putting the pieces together after Kai leaves. I've been wanting to see those two hit it off and fall in love since the first game. 

The other was I wondered how Lance would hit it off with Mr. Receptionist, Brendan. 

Suddenly, Lance finds himself at a beachside resort with a charming receptionist, who seems sad after the person he had a crush on (Aries) rejected him for his childhood friend (Ross). And they bond, because Lance also lost his crush (Kai) to childhood friends (Percy and Gavin). Plus Lance keeps sneaking off to get sweets from the kitchen. 


That Lance and Brendan bit sounds super cute UwU I think they would mesh together well!  

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Yes, I would be down for some Gavin/Percy dlc during the time they were separated from Kai. Kai could even check in video phone wise, while the two get used to each other, their new apartment life together, their new adult careers, and coping with long-distance Kai. Again, not that I don't adore Kai/Gavin/Percy. I just would adore a romance amongst all three. I know I'd be happy to watch my two sexy boyfriends flirting with each other. xD All we all secretely love a rivalmance. xD

sorry if this has been asked how do I access the dlc on steam? 

Hey! You can directly access the game via the steam page and click play!


Let me know if it works or not ^^

it doesn’t work like that it takes me to main game 

This button doesn't work? The loading screen is the same as the main game but the title screen is different. If you'd like, I can send you an itch.io key instead ^^. Sorry for the inconvenience.

yea I hit play on the dlc prince or villain page and it just plays the main game I read through the main game again but after it just sends doesn’t start the new 

I will try to resolve the issue with steam. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if I should provide you with an itch.io key instead.

Hello again! I'm so sorry. I realized that I overlooked an important setting on Steam, but it's now fixed. The DLC should now be downloadable and accessible. So sorry for the inconvenience TT

thank you so much I love the story 

Thank you so much for checking the stories out like always!